#127 Our Relationship with the Natural World

Join Tabitha Jayne, Founder of EarthSelf as she shares an extract from her forthcoming book “Loving Life: How to Utilise the Power of the Natural World to Become Fully Engaged at Work and Play” to find out:

  • Why our relationship to the natural world is important;
  • The importance of re-defining our relationship with nature for a sustainable world;
  • How loving life can help us become more sustainable;
  • What the 9 values of loving life are;
  • How you can explore the ways in which you already love life and what you can do to enhance it.

Tabitha Jayne is a strategist in transformational change with a focus on innovation and leadership informed and inspired by the natural world.

Tabitha has spent decades understanding the nuances of what it takes to create lasting change while learning what it takes to become a leader capable of guiding the way into a new era of business with integrity and heart.

Over the years, she has worked with a range of people in sustainable businessfrom social enterprises to start-ups, small business to corporate, non-profitsto emerging leaders. She has helped clients clarify purpose and mission, ensure their values drive their decisions, helped design new business modelsand identified ways to amplify both profit margin and social/environmental impact.

She is known for her direct Scottish straight-talk (which may or may not include swearing), her uncanny ability to see the essence of what needs to change in order for evolution to occur and has been called “a force of nature”.

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