#134: Courage and Kindness

Join Michael Lloyd-White, CEO of WorldKindness USA to find out about:

  • The need to start a conversation about kindness and place it on the meeting agenda within organisations
  • Why courage goes hand in hand with kindness, the importance of recognising this and the real meaning of what it truly means to be kind and how it can help transform business
  • Why kindness is the antidote to the current campaign of fear and hate within the world and how it starts with a simple conversation
  • How the words of the American Constitution inspired the work of Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King and Mahatma Ghandi and how a kindness constitution in business could enhance our ability to collaborate effective together
  • The organisations already backing the kindness constitution in the USA and how Michael achieved all of this without even opening a bank account

Michael Lloyd-White is the CEO of WorldKindness USA and an agent for positive change with an extensive background in strategic planning, having consulted on staffing strategies for the Olympics and Commonwealth Games. Since 2011 Michael has been the Chair of the peak national body, World Kindness Australia and in 2012 at the London 7th General Assembly, became the first elected Secretary General to the prestigious peak international body, The World Kindness Movement, representing 27 nations. In this capacity, Michael secured former non-member nations’ participation in the global campaign for a kinder world delivering the Australian Prime Minister’s Message at the launch of World Kindness China in Hong Kong in 2013.

Following chairing the 8th International Council Meeting in Paris, he met with the Minister of the Prime Minister of Thailand to discuss hosting the 1st World Leaders Kindness Summit in Bangkok. In 2017 he delivered the current Australian Prime Minister’s Message of Support in Seoul, & chaired the  9th General Assembly for the World Kindness Movement’s 20th Anniversary, where he successfully presented Australia’s City of Gold Coast bid to receive an international endorsement as a “World Kindness City.”

Michael was presented with the President’s International Achievement Award to recognise his accomplishments on behalf of the movement during his 5 year term. He was later honored in Australia as “Most Inspiring Man of the Year 2018”  for men’s mental health (Previous recipients include the Australian Deputy Prime Minister and Australian Minsiter for Foriegn Affairs & Trade).

Since stepping down as Secretary General in Sept 2017, Michael has accepted the challenge to be the on the Board for World Kindness USA and CEO. He continues to deliver passionate keynote addresses to engage, inspire and influence leaders and people of influence, on how a kinder world can be realised in our lifetime.

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