#136: Making It Easy to Go Green

Join Brian Keane, co-founder and CEO of WeeGreen and find out more about:

  • The 3 barriers to going green in your company/community
  • How you can overcome these barriers with WeeGreen
  • Why it’s important to take sustainable action in our daily lives
  • How what we buy is a key part of taking sustainable action
  • How sustainability transcends politics
  • Why sustainability is a mainstream issue that can help improve everyone’s quality of life
  • Why we need to understand (and work with) people’s buying behaviours to facilitate our shift to a more sustainable way of life
  • The number one way to “sell” sustainability
  • How to get more people to understand the benefits of going green

Brian Keane is the co-founder and CEO of WeeGreen.  He has extensive experience in clean energy marketing and community outreach.

Brian is dedicated to building and expanding the WeeGreen platform across states and cities nationwide and internationally.  Their mission is to help his clients easily meet their sustainability goals.

Since 2002, he has served as President of SmartPower. Brian is also the author of Green Is Good: Save Money, Make Money, and Help Your Community Profit From Clean Energy (Lyons Press, 2012). Brian is a graduate of The American University in Washington, DC.

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