#140: Changing the Waste is Managed

Join Greg Lettieri, Co-founder & CEO of Recycle Track Systems (RTS) to hear about:

  • How RTS is leveraging technology to help organisations manage waste more effectively

  • The importance of education in waste management

  • What we can do to make sure food waste can be recycled effectively

  • How RTS tracks waste to create transparency in the recycling chain

  • The entire sustainability management ecosystem behind RTS’s business model

  • Why the process of recycling is localised and the problems this can cause

  • The need for recycling to make financial sense and the fluctuating costs of recycling

  • Why it’s key to adapt your knowledge on sustainable practices to convey the benefits to others

  • How RTS’s technology is helping smaller waste management companies grow their businesses

  • Why Fortune 500 companies and bigger organisations in cities are getting behind RTS’s approach to waste

  • The real thirst for sustainable practices within big business and how they are looking to do and be better

  • How the B-Corporation certification process helped RTS decide how to build their company

Greg Lettieri is the co-founder and CEO of the on-demand waste management company, Recycle Track Systems.  (RTS) is innovating waste and recycling management through the use of realtime technologies and data analytics. Their proprietary tracking system empowers our customers by providing accurate data and real time accountability.

RTS increases efficiency and provides un-paralleled insights into your waste and recycling streams and service pickups. Using a combination of proprietary software, algorithms and our waste experts, they remove the inefficiencies of today’s waste management and create a superior experience for their customers.

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