#141: Effective Water Use by Mimicking Nature’s Systems

Join Mike Jenzeh, Co-founder and President of Magnation Water Technologies to discover:

  • How the magnetic fields of the Earth improve the water quality of the rain
  • The way Magnation Water Technologies is utilizing this to improve water quality
  • What happens when farmers use “rain-like”
  • How “rain-like” water improves human health
  • The many different ways that water technology mimics the way nature works
  • How “rain-like” water improves the function of existing irrigation systems
  • The amount of water saved through utilizing “rain-like” water
  • What the additional benefits for the environment are by adopting “rain-like” water and
  • How water technology creates negative ions necessary for a sustainable environment

Mike Jenzeh is the co-founder and presidents of Magnation Water Technologies. In 2008, Mike co-founded the company with his wife. The purpose behind the company: To help farmers solve their complex water challenges with innovative, cost-effective technologies.

Magnation Water Technologies emphasizes great products, exemplary service and honest answers.  Mike and his wife helped grow Magnation from a tiny, windowless office into one of the largest, most trusted names in commercial and residential irrigation solutions.

Today, Magnation’s water-wise irrigation devices are heavily used on many major farms and sports arenas across the United States and internationally.

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