#143: Finding New Uses for Plastic Waste

Join Caleb Rick, CEO of EcoGlobal an innovative plastic waste company to discover

What LDPE is used for and why

How plastic actually helps lower the carbon footprint in import and export

The importance of educating ourselves about making better choices

How EcoGlobal takes one-use plastics to create a new material – Ekopolimer – that lasts for years

Why it’s key to design a long-term business plan that’s carbon centric

The need to educate people on how recycled products can be better than virgin products

Why the waste management industry is like the wild, wild west

The challenges of changing the way waste is managed

Why respect is key for building collaborative relationships

The need to value and prioritise those on the front-line when it comes to waste

The benefits of creating value for our waste products

Why our well-intentioned actions towards solving our greatest challenges can have unintended consequences.

Caleb Rick is the CEO of EcoGlobal, a social enterprise company focused on the strategic and sustainable expansion of Ekopolimer technology into North America.  

Using revolutionary technology and low-emissions manufacturing, EcoGlobal has three key objectives:

  • Create value for post-consumer plastic content
  • Reduce the need for non-renewable and virgin resources
  • Stimulate economic development by turning the collection and diversion of LDPE plastics into a source of good jobs and market growth

They do this through their core values of building long-term collaborative relationships, promoting transparency and equity in the marketplace, maximising social impact outcomes and advancing local communities.

With over 30 years of experience managing, teaching and consulting in the non-profit sector, Caleb leads a diverse team of individuals with a commitment to innovative and progressive thinking around supply-chain management, and the sourcing and stewardship of materials.  

Having spearheaded the early partnerships and planning that led to the introduction of Ekopolimer technology into North America, Caleb is dedicated to finding a solution for our plastics problem.

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