#139: The Truth About Transformational Change

Join Tabitha Jayne, Founder of EarthSelf to hear about:

  • The difference between transformation and transformational change
  • How caterpillars and butterflies impact their environment and why this helps deepen our understanding of transformational change
  • The importance of aligning your behaviours with your beliefs
  • The need to recognise how the way we think impacts the way we behave
  • Why safety is essential to explore beliefs and navigate change
  • The motivation behind Sustainable: The Podcast
  • Why transformational change is best led by the person who has the power
  • The need to lead by example when it comes to transformational change
  • Why recognising change is constant can help us adapt more effectively and overcome “change fatigue”
  • The benefits of a “dual-processing model” when it comes to transformational change
  • How slowing down with transformational change can create better results
  • Why transformational change takes longer than you think
  • What a tree can teach you about transformational change

Tabitha Jayne is a strategist in transformational change with a focus on innovation and leadership informed and inspired by the natural world. 

Over the years, she has worked with a range of people in sustainable businessfrom social enterprises to start-upssmall business to corporatenon-profitsto emerging leaders. She has helped clients clarify purpose and mission, ensure their values drive their decisions, helped design new business models and identified ways to amplify both profit margin and social/environmental impact. She has also helped clients develop coaching programs for both leaders and teams with a focus on virtual leadership and team development as well as helping business leaders and teams to overcome burnout in business.

She is known for her direct Scottish straight-talk (which may or may not include swearing), her uncanny ability to see the essence of what needs to change in order for evolution to occur and has been called “a force of nature”.

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