#142: Using Blockchain to Create a Sustainable World

Join security practitioner and consultant Vincent Romney to find out everything you need to know about blockchain:

  • The need to ask powerful questions before introducing blockchain into business processes

  • Why blockchain can actually make it harder to do business sustainably

  • The reasons credit cards are actually ineffective transactions

  • Why cryptocurrency transactions create efficiency and trust

  • Why pure transparency is not an essential part of blockchain

  • How blockchain technology prevents hackers gaining control of the system

  • The need for security as a foundation for effective use of blockchain

  • The key pillars before deciding to implement blockchain in your business

  • How blockchain helps validate consistency across supply chains

  • The need to get perspective to avoid poor implementation of blockchain in business

  • How blockchain can cut costs for consumers if implements on a large scale

Vincent Romney has been a student and practitioner of IT security for over 20 years, working in both public and private sectors securing a variety of environments from retail to national defense.

Vince worked as a Cyberwarfare Technician in the 101st Information Operation Flight, Utah National Guard from 2007 to 2013 supporting Air Combat Command and NORAD-USNorthCom, in multiple real-world actions as well as global exercises.

He maintains multiple engagements, having developed intellectual property for numerous companies, most recently for SK2 Technology in the data-at-rest encryption space.

Vince’s work as the Senior Security Analyst for the $20 Billion US Air Force Ground Based Strategic Deterrent program with BAE Systems, along with your engagements with multiple software development firms has provided a unique perspective in the securing of software systems.

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