#144: The Role of Coaching in Creating a Sustainable World

Join Tabitha Jayne, Founder & Director of EarthSelf to discover:

  • The surprising origin of the coaching profession
  • The emergence of executive coaching and its purpose
  • How coaching has developed into a $2 billion industry
  • The problems with anyone calling themselves a coach
  • How coaching is about mindset and behaviour change
  • The need for coaches to fully understand human development
  • Why we have all the solutions we need to create a sustainable world
  • The importance of sustainable humans in creating a sustainable world
  • The differences between coaching in the past and coaching for the future
  • Why training is essential to become a powerful coach
  • How nature can help accelerate the power of coaching
  • The link between spending time in nature and creating a sustainable world
  • The launch of EarthSelf’s N.A.T.U.R.E. coach training program

Tabitha Jayne is the founder and director of EarthSelf, a coaching and training company that helps leaders and organisations increase impact, influence and income in a way that’s sustainable for people and planet. 

EarthSelf also trains existing business owners to add coaching as a revenue stream to their business.

For the last ten years, Tabitha has synthesized nature and coaching, theory and practice, into a number of unique frameworks.  To ensure an evidence-based approach to her coaching methodology she completed two Masters degrees: Applied Ecopsychology and Transpersonal Psychology.

Over the years, she has coached a range of people from leaders, CEO’s, senior executives, business owners and entrepreneurs to stay-at-home mums, authors, activists and other coaches. They all have one thing in common: a drive to make a positive impact within themselves, others and the world.

Tabitha has developed coaching and training programs for social enterprises, start-ups, small business, corporate and non-profit organisations.  Through this, she’s helped clients clarify purpose and mission and ensure their values drive their decisions.  Tabitha has also designed new business models and identified ways to amplify both profit margin and social/environmental impact as well as helped with leadership and team development both within in-person and virtual environments.

Her organisational development skills have been honed over the last eighteen years and bring together a wealth of experience from:

  • founding and directing a Scottish non-profit organisation
  • managing and leading teams while developing training programs in Spain
  • running my own businesses for the last ten+ years

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