#146: The Power of Tree Technology

Join Andy Egan, CEO of International Tree Foundation (ITF) to find out:

  • Why the loss of trees globally is one of the reasons our natural environment is under threat
  • How we’ve lost 50% of our existing forests
  • Why trees are our best technology to help mitigate climate change
  • The many ecosystem benefits trees provide to life on earth
  • Why communities need to be at the heart of reforestation efforts
  • The different types of communities that are coming together to reforest the planet
  • The well-being benefits for humans from spending time taking care of trees
  • The key difference between disconnected vs disassociated from nature
  • What the role of ITF is in supporting communities to benefit from tree planting
  • The surprising link between women and trees
  • The inspirational legacy of the founder of International Tree Foundation and why he was known as “the man of the trees”
  • What the long-term projects of ITF are
  • Why ITF looks to learn from nature and trees to develop their organisation and how they work

Andy is the CEO of International Tree Foundation, a non-profit organisation whose mission is to protect, plant, cultivate and promote trees in partnership with local communities in ways which help create sustainable ecosystems, communities and job opportunities.  

Andy joined the ITF in September 2012 and has a varied background as an educator and manager in the fields of global education, community development, equalities and campaigns for environmental and social justice.

His previous roles include Director of People & Planet and Team Leader for the Global School Partnerships programme at the British Council and he also ran a consultancy business providing services to the NGO sector. 

Andy has co-authored teaching materials for schools in African and European countries on the environment, education, gender, health, poverty, and global partnerships.

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