#148: Nature and Coaching

In the midst of trouble and difficulties, finding moments of aliveness of joy and magic are what makes life – life!

We are living and working in a complex world where the constant demands and pressure of our job heavily affects how we live our lives. We actually need more conscious and sustainable leaders in institutions and organizations to help support people commit to awareness, learning, change, growth, and action.

On today’s episode of Sustainable, I talk about coaching and nature with Kay Young. We focus on how nature enhances one’s coaching practice and why this is very relevant and needed in the corporate world.

She’s deeply passionate about leadership, well-being, resilience, and in spending time with nature. She works with individual leaders and leadership groups to support personal restoration and create conditions for change and awareness.

Kay shares how nature has played an important role in her coaching journey and how she utilizes it to help others find meaning and joy in their work and life.

In this episode you will learn:
  • How nature enhances Kay’s coaching practice and why it’s needed in businesses
  • The stages to achieve clarity and focus
  • The benefits of bringing nature into coaching in the corporate world and how she discovered it
  • How nature reminds us of the forgotten aspect of wholeness in the workplace
  • The deeper sense of awareness and aliveness in nature due to the sensory experience it provides
  • Coaching as the catalyst to move someone forward
  • We as human beings are interconnected nature
  • How support can make changes possible
  • How nature experiences influenced and impacted the work that she does.
  • Awareness IQ

More about Kay Young

Kay Young is a leadership coach and supervisor, with public and private sector clients. She has extensive senior management experience, including: working at NHS Board Director level; developing high profile executive coaching and leadership development programmes; working internationally; and tutoring for 15 years with the Open University Business School, on a range of MBA programmes.

Kay is currently a member of the Faculty Team for the Academy of Executive Coaching, facilitating the Coaching Skills Certificate, and Practitioner Diploma Programmes in Edinburgh. She’s also an ICF Evaluator and Assessor, on the AoEC’s Advanced Practitioner Diploma Programme.  She’s a highly experienced, ICF accredited coach and have gained the Diploma in Advanced Executive Coaching and the Master Coach Practitioner Diploma with the Academy of Executive Coaching.

She recently completed her training in gestalt psychotherapy with the Edinburgh Gestalt Institute. She’s deeply passionate about leadership, well-being, and resilience; and in spending time in nature, including with your coaching clients, to support personal restoration, and transformational change.

Connect with Kay Young
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