Michael DeAngelo

#155: Abolishing Hierarchy through Holacracy

No matter how empowering you are as a leader, if you’re in a traditional system, empowerment is still inhibited. — Michael DeAngelo

In a constantly changing and complex environment, companies need to correctly address new challenges and opportunities. To do this they need an organizational structure that lessens obstacles to meet company goals and achieve work efficiency.

Today on Sustainable, Michael DeAngeloa talks about a revolutionary management system that replaces conventional management hierarchy and how it’s being implemented to transform organizations in the corporate and non-corporate sectors.

Michael DeAngelo is an experienced business leader with C level executive experience in different industries including healthcare, entertainment and technology, and natural resources. He’s an avid beekeeper and practitioner from HolacracyOne – a company that practices and spearheads its development.

We’ll be exploring how this structure is helping businesses and their employees through hierarchy abolishment and leadership distribution.

In this episode:
        • What is Holacracy and why is it important?
        • The difference between holacracy and traditional management system
        • How holacracy works in a practical application
        • How Michael self-organizes in amplifying individual strengths
        • Misconceptions around holacracy and self-management
        • How to manage multiple roles within departments
        • The “space” for reaction in holacracy management system
        • The challenge of implementing holacracy
        • Examples of habit that are hard to change
        • What company and leader holacracy is good for
        • Holacracy in relation to the circular economy and how the two complement each other
        • How focusing on Holacracy impacted Michael’s life

          Connect with Michael
          More about HolacracyOne:

          HolacracyOne is the company spearheading the development of the Holacracy method. It was founded in 2007 by Brian Robertson and Tom. Holocracy One is a non-conventional company in many ways: it’s based in the USA but all our business partners work from home. It doesn’t have any employees, everyone is a legal partner in the company, and it’s adopted Holacracy in our bylaws.

          Learn more about HolacracyOne and everything about holacracy here.

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