#154: Battling Global Hunger through Cure4Hunger

Those who love peace must learn to organize as effectively as those who love war. —Martin Luther King

One of the leading causes of death for children every year are malnutrition-related illnesses. Global hunger continues to rise despite the efforts of many to lessen it. In order to combat hunger,  Cure4Humanity has developed a solution that could eradicate hunger.

Today on Sustainable, I talk about Cure4Humanity Inc.’s complex business model and its inventions as a sustainable solution to world hunger and other global and environmental problems with Eric Williams.

Eric Williams is the Chairman and Co-Founder of Cure4Humanity Inc.& SafestCities Inc. Cure4Humanity is a socially responsible organization who combined technologies to provide water, innovative indoor farming, energy and affordable safe housing.

He’ll be talking about how Cure4Hunger has potentially created the world’s first legitimate cure for global hunger. He also shares how developing Cure4Humanity’s complex business model can be a way for people to earn money and make big companies be more sustainable.

In this episode Eric talks about:
  • How C4H complex business model and great vision was developed
  • Developing the “Gravity Garden”- how it works and its benefits
  • Providing equity to farmers
  • How Eric handles scepticism when people doubt his visions
  • Providing basic humanity needs thru C4H and SafestCities affordable homes
  • How C4H Food and Water Domes keeps the food safe and secure
  • Global refugee crisis, deforestation and vertical farming
  • Where do C4H’s profits go to
  • Building thousands of Water and Food Domes over the next decade and beyond

More about Eric Williams:

A southern-California native, Eric is a channel technology expert, philanthropist, filmmaker and music producer.

In his previous career, Eric advised more than 300 companies worldwide as CEO of Corporate Channels from 1999-2007.

Eric retired from the industry to pursue humanitarian efforts and conceived the world’s first disaster proof farm that does not require any 3rd party water, power nor seasons.

From seed to harvest, this game changing invention is able to grow more crops per square foot in recorded history. Unlimited self reliant and sustainable farms are now able to be mass produced in more than 90% of the world’s populated regions.

Connect with Eric Williams:

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