Tabitha Jayne

#156: The Certainty of a Sustainable World

The darkest hour is before dawn. — Winston Churchill

There’s so much fear right now about the changing climate.  Climate emergencies are declared around the world. Species extinction goes on.

It’s time to question the narrative of whether or not we can create a sustainable world.

In this episode:
        • The reason why I’m talking about the certainty of a sustainable world
        • Confirmation bias in relation to the certainty of a sustainable world
        • How the external world can be a reflection of what’s going on within us
        • Challenging the notion of extinction by redefining it into the light of evolution
        • How can we ensure that what you’re doing is fundamentally making a change?
        • The continuous cycle within the natural world
        • The need for having a powerful vision to align to
        • Reframing and shifting from the narrative of extinction to evolution
        • How to create change that enables a world of peace and prosperity for people and the planet

          More about Tabitha Jayne

          Tabitha Jayne is the founder and director of EarthSelf, a coaching and training company that helps leaders and increase impact, influence and income in a way that’s sustainable for people and planet. She also trains existing business owners to add coaching as a revenue stream to their business.

          For the last ten years, Tabitha has synthesized nature and coaching, theory and practice, into a number of unique frameworks.  To ensure an evidence-based approach to her coaching methodology she completed two Masters degrees: Applied Ecopsychology and Transpersonal Psychology.

          Over the years, she has coached a range of people from leaders, CEO’s, senior executives, business owners and entrepreneurs to stay-at-home mums, authors, activists and other coaches. They all have one thing in common: a drive to make a positive impact within themselves, others and the world.

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