#160: Humanity’s Greatest Challenge: Adapting to the world we currently live in

“What is happening within us as humans i.e. our inner nature, is reflected out in the natural environment itself.” – Tabitha Jayne

Even though the world has greatly advanced, we are still living in very challenging times. With these advancements, we have made our lives better than ever but we’ve also never faced such a global threat either.

If I ask you what’s the greatest challenge mankind is facing today, what would your answer be? 

Join me today as I talk about humanity’s greatest challenge. No, it’s not about climate change but it is something deeper.

We’ll explore the stages of human development and what it means to collectively grow as a species. I will also touch on the topic of what is stopping us from reaching our full potential individually and as a group.

After listening to this episode, I invite you to take the time for a walk out in the natural world. And you’ll gain the wonderful benefits that you can only get when you spend your time outside in nature.

In this episode:
  • How can we control the environment? How can we change other people?
  • Our capability to adapt to the changing environment
  • Stages of human development
  • Using the environment as a way for us to develop individually and collectively as a species
  • Spiral Dynamics vs. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs (stages of development)
  • The gaps and the biggest issue that’s stopping us from facing our greatest challenge
  • The importance of collaboration and connection
  • The only question that is worth asking when we are faced with humanity’s greatest challenge

More about Tabitha Jayne

Tabitha Jayne is the founder and director of EarthSelf, a coaching and training company that helps leaders and increase impact, influence and income in a way that’s sustainable for people and planet. She also trains existing business owners to add coaching as a revenue stream to their business.

For the last ten years, Tabitha has synthesized nature and coaching, theory and practice, into a number of unique frameworks.  To ensure an evidence-based approach to her coaching methodology she completed two Masters degrees: Applied Ecopsychology and Transpersonal Psychology.

Over the years, she has coached a range of people from leaders, CEO’s, senior executives, business owners and entrepreneurs to stay-at-home mums, authors, activists and other coaches. They all have one thing in common: a drive to make a positive impact within themselves, others and the world.

Mentioned on this episode:

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