eat grub with Neil Whippey

#157: Let’s EAT GRUB

“You don’t have to believe in the problem to believe in the solution. There are opportunities to make more money while solving the problem.” ⁠— Hunter Lovins

What do roasted termites, crickets or grasshoppers taste like? Wasp, termites, locusts, caterpillars and ant eggs; just reading their names, trigger up a feeling of disgust for many but for some, it’s a nutritious delight! 

In large parts of the world insects are a staple food source, whereas we consider it squeamish here in the Western world. EAT GRUB has come up with a sustainable solution to supply the increasing world population with protein as farmland is decreasing, by revolutionising Western food culture with insects.

EAT GRUB has committed themselves to change the way people think about insects as a food source by educating the public and developing quality nutritious tasty products.  You might be seeing “grasshopper bourguignon” or “soupe de cricket” soon at a restaurant’s menu near you! 

Today on Sustainable Neil Whippey and I talk about insects, the sustainable superfood that’s rich in protein. Neil eats bugs for breakfast and is on a mission to normalize eating insects.

Learn what a tasty, nutritious and sustainable superfood is like as Neil talks about edible insects, the food innovation and its future.

In this episode, Neil talks about:
  • How they came up with the idea of insects as a viable food source and business product
  • Who eats insects and why should too
  • Cooking insects
  • Adapting a new form of diet and normalizing eating insects
  • The tasty “Cricket Energy bars”
  • From pop-up shops to cookbooks
  • The best way to convince people to try and eat insects
  • How to use your money to drive the change that you want
  • Offering nutritious snacks and going to schools to educate kids about insects
  • How focusing on sustainable protein sources impacted the way Neil live his daily life

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