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#158: Transforming Leadership through Sustainability Management

A sustainable business leads to a sustainable future.

Sustainability is becoming the new norm in today’s competitive market. Growing numbers of conscious buyers and green consumers has led businesses to create products and services to meet these new consumer needs in order to add value and build trust for their brands.

That’s why many businesses are adopting sustainability management because it efficiently optimizes the use of resources (human, natural, and financial) and reduces the cost and risk while creating opportunities to develop a strong brand reputation. Regardless of its benefits, some companies haven’t joined the sustainability journey yet. Angela Casler from the Sustainability Management Association (SMA) is on a mission to educate everyone about sustainability management and ultimately make it a norm within businesses.

Today on Sustainable, Angela and I talk about transforming leadership to make sustainability management become the norm within businesses.

Angela is the founder and CEO of Sustainability Management Association, a 501 c6 non-profit that educates professionals on how to achieve success through environmental conservation, social responsibility, and economic performance. SMA provides a simple study guide to give people the standard metrics used in project management and manage sustainability and create a strategy around it.

In this episode, we talk about how you can manage sustainability and transform leadership to create a more sustainable world. Also, Angela tells us how you can join and become a member of an organization for sustainability professionals.

In this episode, Angela and I talk about:
  • How to transform leadership towards a more sustainable future
  • The purpose and the main reason why Sustainability Management Association (SMA) was founded
  • The Triple Bottom Line (TBL) and how to incorporate it in business
  • Why education and learning about sustainability is important in transforming a leader
  • Challenges that people need to be aware of
  • Products and services that meet the needs of our planet
  • Creating a culture of sustainability and preventing the culture of fear
  • Procurement solutions to change the way we complete our daily task within our organization
  • Strategically embracing sustainability
  • The meaning of Social Responsibility
  • Interconnected relationship between business and the human environment
  • The positive impacts and results from the people who’re engaging with SMA
  • Stories about amazing ways that people are transforming 
  • Angela’s personal story and experience from the 2018 California wildfires and what we can learn from that
  • How to maintain our ecosystem and create a healthy environment where people can thrive along with species in forests
  • The sense of urgency that we are on the fight for survival
  • The resilience of our ecosystem 

When all of us are working together, we can create solutions to help people, planet, and profit. And it’s our generation’s responsibility to take action over it.

More about Angela

Angela, is a full-time lecturer at California State University, Chico’s Department of Management and also serves as the principal partner of Sustainability Management Consulting, a strategic planning consulting company.  

With more than 25 year’s management experience in the financial services, international banking, transportation and consulting industries, Angela has been a small business owner since 2005 with SB Bear Trucking and founded Sustainability Management Consulting in 2010. 

Connect with Angela:
More about SMA:

The Sustainability Management Association’s vision is to establish the field of sustainability management as a management norm. Through the leadership of their directors and of their 2500+ members from 33 US states and 18 international countries, the Sustainability Management Association is transforming leadership through education, collaboration and innovation.


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