#164: A Sustainable Clothing for People who Love the Sea

“We all have a relationship with the sea.” — Tom Kay

Finisterre’s founder Tom Kay created a sustainable clothing brand, born from the need to make innovative products for hardy British surfers and the life they lead.

On today’s episode of Sustainable, I talk to Tom Kay about the clothing brand that designs functional and sustainable products for people who love the sea.

Finisterre is an accredited BCoporation that stays true to its original design ethos of functionality and sustainability, remaining committed to its product, environment, and people.

In this episode, Tom shares how he started Finisterre in a flat above a surf shop and how it has grown reaching new customers that share Finisterre’s team’s passion for the sea.

In this episode, Tom and I talk about:
  • Tom’s inspiration in starting Finisterre on a foundation of sustainability
  • How Finisterre’s community has grown
  • Challenges that Tom and Finisterre are faced with
  • How being an observer of the sea influenced and impacted the work that Tom is doing with Finisterre
  • How we all are connected to the sea
  • Advice for people who wants to understand the sea better

More about Tom

Tom Kay founded Finisterre in 2003 with the vision of making quality, ethical garment for hardy surfers of British seas. He started out with little business history or design experience in a flat above a surf shop with an innovative fleece that was designed to keep out chill winds and warms up cold bodied fresh from the sea.

Today, Finisterre is an accredited BCorporation that has received a range of awards including the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals good business Award in 2010, Observer Ethical Business Award in 2008, and the Surfer’s Path Green Wave Award in 2008


Mentioned on this episode:


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