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#163: Building Sustainability through Blockchain Technology

“If you believe in the future of abundance or the future generation, align your decisions to your personal ethics and to organizations that reflect it.” — Tom Duncan

Did you know that you can build your wealth, save money, and save the planet all at the same time?

Yes, it’s actually possible through the use of blockchain technology!

Today on Sustainable I talk to Tom Duncan, the CEO of Goodbanc, about what blockchain technology is and how it can help us create a regenerative finance economy and restore our ecosystem. 

Goodbanc is a digital banking platform for impact investing that provides a low-risk way of investing in regenerative and renewable markets that allows flexibility by cutting out that middleman or any third party. Making money go further both for investors and the people who are receiving the investment.

In this episode, Tom is going to share how we can allocate our capital and invest it into something good that helps our planet.

In this episode, Tom and I talk about:
  • Blockchain technology
  • How blockchain is reforming the financial system to become more transparent
  • How Goodbanc is  achieving its mission through blockchain technology
  • Creating liquidity through tokenization
  • Decarbonizing the planet and restoring the ecosystem through Goodwallet and Mangrove Tree planting projects from Goodbanc
  • How to use our investment and money to buy time for our planet and give more back to the environment 
  • Aligning your financial, investment, and purchasing decisions to your personal ethics

More about Tom

Tom Duncan is the CEO of Goodbanc, a digital banking platform for impact investment, finance and green bonds that utilizes Liquid Technology Ltd blockchain and digital wallets. He is also Managing Partner at Liquid Token. He’s an experienced fund manager, investment professional involved in a number of high profile transactions involving blockchain ventures.

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