Virginia Cinquemani

#169: Empowering Sustainability Professionals

Finds your purpose and follow it. Virginia Cinquenani

In this week’s episode of Sustainable, Virginia Cinquemani  talks about how we can empower sustainability professionals and ways to help people understand what sustainability is all about.

She shares how she and Green Gorilla Consultants are enabling professionals to become stronger and more fulfilled in their work so that they can spread the message about sustainability further.

Virginia is also a qualified architect, project manager and BREEAM AP. She’s passionate for sustainability and has written a book to help sustainability professionals in their works called “Integrating BREEAM throughout the Design Process”.

In this episode, Virginia and I talk about:
        • How coaching and further training help sustainability managers work better?
        • Why technical knowledge of sustainability is not enough when you’re a sustainability professional
        • Using a language that’ll enable you to communicate better with your clients and help them grasp and understand what sustainability is
        • How to sell sustainability
        • What sustainability means for Virginia
        • Forgetting the word “sustainabiluty” and how to shift the polarization from people who’re comfortable using language that doesn’t connect with others
        • Educating your clients, actively listening, and adapting to their needs
        • Virginia’s thoughts on the current happening within the UK construction industry
        • Using sustainability as a way of achieving quality to make businesses more resilient
        • Reducing the performance gap within our work

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          More about Green Gorilla Consultants

          Green Gorilla Consultants is a unique leadership training and coaching (CPD Accredited and IEMA Approved) company focused on empowering sustainability consultants, letting their inner green gorilla loose, and become stronger, more assertive, and more resilient by providing them with the best toolkit to confidently stand on their own and take on sustainability projects.

          To know more about Green Gorilla, you can visit their website here.

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