#165: Integrating Coaching into Your Existing Business

“Coaching takes everything deeper. It enhances what you already have and helps you discover new things” — Snjolaug Olafsdottir

Coaching is a changing journey. It’s about having the freedom and flexibility to explore what you really want to do. Through coaching, you give others the awareness to make better decisions for themselves. But if we don’t have the right information, how do we start doing that?

On today’s episode of Sustainable, I talk to Snjolaug Olafsdottir about integrating coaching into your current skill set. We also touched on the journey that took her from Iceland to Scotland where she’s currently working and interning with me while going through the transformational change coach training program. 

Snjolaug is an environmental engineer who works as a sustainability consultant in Iceland. She was a former guest back on episode 114 where we talked about the need to be selfish with sustainability.

In this episode, Snjolaug shares her journey and what led her here, why she decided to intern with us, as well as her experiences on the training journey.

In this episode, Snjolaug and I talk about:
  • How you can implement and integrate coaching into your work and business
  • How coaching can be utilized to change the way business is done
  • Evolution of coaching
  • Snjolaug’s coaching experience
  • Snjolaug’s experience of the Earthself Transformational Change Coach Training Program

More about Snjolaug Olafsdottir

Snjolaug holds a PhD in Environmental Engineering and is currently working as a Sustainability Consultant. She’s the owner of Andrymi Consulting, a firm that specializes in sustainability and corporate social responsibility. 


Mentioned on this episode:


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