#171: Helping Communities Become More Sustainable

Care for the environment comes I believe you know, with living a healthy life”  — Jeff Mendelsohn

When external investors come into a community to develop it, there is the real risk that they end up creating a community that’s disconnected from the very people who live within it. This model of community regeneration is broken.

If we want to bring life back into our communities then we need to start by helping those who live within them. We also need to return ownership of the community to those who are at the heart of it.

Today on Sustainable I’m speaking to Jeff Mendelson the founder of LocalCode. He is a social entrepreneur, who started off his sustainable entrepreneur journey by founding New Leaf Paper. He is also a strategic advisor, investor, and systems thinking.

Launched in Jan 2019 LocalCode is a hybrid non-profit/for-profit company supporting the formation of healthy communities with thriving Main Streets in towns and cities across North America. It empowers local enterprises to overcome the strategic advantages enjoyed by national chains and franchises, outperform them, and revitalize Main Street.

We discuss what regenerating local communities means for the environment and how LocalCode is helping to do this and giving back to the heart of the community.

In this episode, Jeff and I talk about:
        • How Jeff is creating harmony in the world by focusing on enterprises
        • What is LocalCode?
        • What you need to know about the regenerative community
        • How to engage the community to support the local economy
        • What it means to have a healthy main street and a local trust
        • Apprenticeship and the Imbalanced Money System

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          More about LocalCode

          LocalCode provides cities with essential research and policy recommendations to support local economic revitalization. Drawing on the success of innovative programs in other cities that have revitalized Main Streets, we translate lessons in successful local development to the context of each community. We steer cities to develop solutions and evidence-based programs that build the local economy, rather than the default “big box retail” approach to development.


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