#170: How Algae is Transforming Product Design

Algae is a resource and there are opportunities here for the brand and for the industry to come together and use technology as a business mechanism to drive and improve sustainability.⁠— Ryan Hunt

Algae is emerging as a leading resource in our transition to a sustainable world. They grow faster than normal plants and thus many are using them as an alternative material in making commercial products like the flexible foams you see on some major shoe brands today.

Join me today on Sustainable as I talk to Ryan Hunt, the co-founder, and Chief Technology Officer at Algix, about using algae as a new-eco conscious product. Algix is a clean technology company finding creative answers to eco-questions with the use of algae.  

In this episode, Ryan shares how he uses science to create eco-innovations to make a difference in the world.  He also talks about what inspired him to do make more products using algae and how he is incorporating it in other brands. There are many opportunities when it comes to using algae. Tune in and learn the amazing things it can do to improve sustainability and build more sustainable materials for people and the planet!

In this episode, Ryan and I talk about:
        • Ryan’s inspiration in using algae to make more sustainable products
        • The process of converting biomass into bio-oil and using algae as an advance mechanism for environmental remediation to absorbing CO2
        • The algae economy
        • Incentivizing algae
        • The challenges in combining science and entrepreneurship
        • Integrating Algix into supply chains
        • Creating durable products with a longer life span
        • Opportunities for algae

          More About Ryan Hunt

          Ryan is the co-founder of ALGIX, LLC. He considers himself as a technologist, combining science and entrepreneurship to create eco-innovations and make a difference in the world. 

          He is very passionate about science and technology. He’s been studying and researching physics and bioengineering for a wide variety of topics in material science, microbiology, horticulture, biophysics, and biochemistry.

          His research mainly focus on algae-based waste water treatment, bioelectromagnetics, biocomposites and photosynthetic optimization.


          More about Algix

          ALGIX is a clean technology company finding creative answers to eco-questions using algae. They help industries rely less on environmentally harmful processes and materials as well as helping sustainability-focused brands source innovative materials to achieve their goals and bring new-eco conscious products to the market.

          ALGIX utilizes the vast potential of algae to improve our planet by enhancing lives and addressing society’s most pressing challenges. They’re revolutionizing systems essential to life by providing clean water, protein-rich foods, and sustainable plastic products to the world.

          Mentioned in this episode:


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