#173: Revolutionizing the Way We Process Waste through Innovative Pyrolysis Solutions

“There are solutions around waste, around plastics and they are here. There are more solutions coming and… it’ll take more responsibility for how we can get better at managing waste”. Nick Palmer

There are many solutions in managing waste and one of them is pyrolysis. Pyrolysis is not a new technology in decomposing waste. Some businesses have already adopted this process and innovatively transformed it to positively impact our environment. 

On today’s episode of Sustainable, you’re going to learn about the benefits of pyrolysis in making small-waste transformation with Nick Palmer. 

Nick is the Business Development Director of PyroCore, a leader in small scale, future-ready pyrolysis solutions. His 20 years of experience in sales and marketing enabled him to effectively engage with businesses around the world to advance Pyrocore’s vision in revolutionizing the way waste is processed.

He will explain what pyrolysis is and how waste can be converted into something valuable. He also talks about the benefit of using small-scale transformation and how PyroCore’s technology is helping to elevate and transform waste management.

In this episode, Nick and I talk about:
        • What is pyrolysis
        • The benefit of using it to make small-scale waste transformation
        • How PyroCore transforms waste into something valuable
        • The challenges of transforming waste into something new
        • The financial drivers that impact sustainability actions

          Connect with Nick Palmer


          More about PyroCore

          PyroCore an environmental company that offers a range of small scale waste to energy and waste to product technologies with a focus on troublesome and problematic waste streams. They recover value from waste otherwise destined for landfill, which makes significant positive economic, environmental and operational contributions.

          To know more about PyroCore and the services that they provide, you can visit their website here.

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