#172: Solving Our Global Water Crisis

“Think about valuing water. Think about how important water is – to you, your family, your community, your business and act accordingly.”⁠— William Sarni

80% of the water discharged globally is untreated. People don’t have access to safe drinking water on a consistent basis.

We’re facing increasing water scarcity due to climate change. Poor water quality and sanitation, negatively impact people’s lives. Affecting food security and livelihood, especially in other parts of the world.

The good news is, these problems can be solved! 

Today on Sustainable, I talk to William Sarni, the CEO and founder of Water Foundry, a company committed to solving water scarcity and water quality challenges, about the water challenges that we’re currently faced with and how to solve them. 

William is an internationally recognized thought leader on water strategy and innovation. He has worked with multinational companies, water technology companies and NGOs as a sustainability and water strategy advisor for his entire career.

Access to clean water is possible and Will is going to help us better understand the world of water as he talks about the importance of educating the public on how to properly manage water. 

Bringing new thinking to old challenges, Will encourages us to rethink, reboot our approach to solve water problems fast.

Will also talks about the digital transformation of the water section and how this is going to help us achieve our goal of having universal access to safe drinking water sanitation and hygiene.

He also Will talks about the water challenges that we are currently facing and how to solve them. He also talks about the importance of understanding the value of water and how education and proper management of water can efficiently help us solve water problems.

In this episode, Will and I talk about:
        • The water challenges the world is facing today and how to solve them
        • Educating the public on how to manage water
        • Understanding the value of water
        • Encouraging diversity, collaboration and innovation to solve problems with water faster and more efficiently
        • Taking action in solving the water challenge by being more committed and passionate
        • Educating multi-national water technology companies that water is the key to their business and why
        • The reason why William is so passionate about water
        • Democratizing access to actionable information
        • Creating a global movement and awareness on the value of freshwater
        • The actions that William does to show his appreciation for water
        • Connecting to our nature and humanity

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          More about Water Foundry

          Water Foundry is a company committed to solving water scarcity and water quality challenges within our lifetime through innovation in business strategy, technology, partnership, business models and funding/financing.

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