#174: Integrating Social Value into Business

“Don’t try and solve everything. Just help one person or two, and that’s fine.” – Guy Battle

A resilient community is better achieved when the gap between the Private, Public, and Voluntary sectors are bridged. When we unite together to create social value, we have an increased impact on our communities, workers, and the environment.

Today on Sustainable I’m speaking to Guy Battle. Guy, is the Chief Executive Officer at the Social Value Portal whose mission is to promote better business and community wellbeing through the integration of Social Value into day to day business and the uptake of The Social Value Act.

In this episode, Guy talks about how his career shifted from building sustainable buildings towards Social Value. And what it means to achieve Social Value.

In this episode, Guy and I talk about:
        • Sustainability as a triple bottom line issue
        • Social value strategy
        • The National TOMS Framework 2019
        • Transforming the relationship between the private and the public sector
        • Getting organizations to be more sustainable
        • Making better use of the public sector’s money
        • Getting back to society

          More about Guy Battle

          Guy Battle is a Sustainability Consultant with over 25 years of experience. Guy originally trained as an engineer and has worked on many award-winning projects with internationally renowned architects.

          Guy was the lead partner for Sustainability at Deloitte LLP, where he worked closely with many corporates helping them solve some of the key sustainability challenges facing the world of corporate business. 

          In 2014, Guy founded The Sustainable Business Partnership and also set up the Social Value Portal to focus on unlocking the inherent social, environmental and financial opportunities that businesses should do to create value.


          More about The Social Value Portal

          The Social Value Portal is an on-line solution that allows organizations to measure and manage the contribution that their organization and supply chain makes to society, according to the principles laid out within the Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012. Our solution allows organizations to report both non-financial AND financial data and rewards organizations for doing “more good” in the community.

          We can measure environmental, social and economic activities and will help identify and measure the additional Social Value delivered through your project in terms that are meaningful to your customers.

          Social Value Portal

          Mentioned in this episode:


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