We believe:
In simple solutions for a complex and chaotic world.
Business can be a force for good.
That the root of our current global challenges is because humanity has forgotten one thing:
We are part of nature.
The solution is to remind business that we are part of nature by creating sustainable business performance through nature connected analytics.

Our Vision:

EarthSelf is driven by our vision of healing the trauma of the disconnect between humanity and nature so that both humanity and the Earth can live together in peace and harmony.

We want to:

  • Support research into the human/nature relationship
  • Develop retreat centres that provide transformation and growth for individuals and organisations to reconnect to nature
  • Create nature-centred accreditation scheme for organisations that support the ES vision and embody its principles

And we believe that the best way to make our vision a reality is by working with businesses.

“Nothing except for nature can transform the world as swiftly as can business – for better or for worse”

~ Amy Larkin, Founder: Nature Means Business

Our approach works best with forward thinking companies who get that sustainability is an opportunity for business growth.

And as we work together, 36% of our profits go towards creating our vision of the EarthSelf Foundation by 2022.


We say what we mean and we do what we say


We believe in our work, our clients and nature


We acknowledge our clients’ perspective and work to integrate it into our nature connected approach


We partner with our clients, partners, associates and stakeholders, recognising that our vision can only be achieved through working together.