Tabi Jayne, BSc, MSc, MBPsS, CPC

As a child of five, the only other Tabitha I knew was the daughter of Samantha from the TV program Bewitched.

I decided that if that Tabitha was capable of doing magic so was I.

I set out on a mission to discover how.

I devoured book after book on everything I could find, making my way through the local library.

By the time I was eight I’d read the entire children’s section and had started on the adults.

One quote stood out:

“I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing.”


As I read it I immediately knew that I wanted become the wisest woman in the world.

During this time Nature was my sanctuary.

The Earth my closest confident.

I grew up in a house filled with violence and abuse that I couldn’t escape from.

Severe health issues saw me repeatedly hospitalized and brought close to death.

Bullying at school amplified the torture of my home environment.

Losing my virginity when I was raped added another layer of torment.

Slowly the pain and trauma of my childhood started to drown out the voice of the Earth.

I turned to drugs and alcohol.

When I was 22 my younger brother died in a sudden car crash.

Two weeks before his death he had planned his funeral and given the instructions to his friends.

My mum watched him leave that night knowing it would be the last time she ever saw him alive…knowing there was nothing she could do to stop him.

I sensed the accident and knew he was dead hours before I received the call to let me know.

In the weeks following his death I experienced a sense of peace, love and connection like nothing I’d ever experienced.

I couldn’t make sense of the pain and grief of the people around me.

It didn’t last.

I was plunged into grief, the plaster that hid the festering wounds of my childhood pain was ripped off and I lost myself in hell.

Only the knowledge that my brother had died so that I could realize my full potential and make the difference I was born to make kept me going.

I returned to Nature and slowly started to heal.

One day while walking in the woods I received flashes of images that showed me my mission in Earth.

The images were all jumbled together and didn’t make sense.

For the last 13 years I’ve been on a journey to decipher the images and understand the path Nature wanted me to take.

I followed my intuition to develop a committed spiritual practice, founded and directed a charity for young adults affected by bereavement, spent 4 years working in a psychiatric hospital, moved to Spain, learned Spanish, taught English, climbed mountains, paddled in the sea and camped out alone in the woods.

After a mystical encounter with an old Oak Tree I realized that my brother and Nature were one.

All my pain and grief faded to be replaced with the deep sense of peace, love and connection that I’d first felt in those initial days after the death of my brother.

It was time to share my healing and transformation with Nature so that I could help and guide others to do the same.

I completed my professional coaching certification and was awarded a masters in applied ecopsychology – the study of how a human-nature relationship can promote personal, social and environmental well-being.

Over the last 5 years I’ve been synthesizing coaching and eco-psychology with biomimicry – the study of how learning from Nature can help us solve complex human problems – while applying everything I’ve learned to business and entreprenuership.

Now I’m back at university again after being awarded a scholarship to study my second masters so that I can develop my work on Nature Consciousness.

It’s this work that has led to the birth of EarthSelf.

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Professional Bio

Tabi is a strategist and paradigm shifter whose vision is to have the Earth recognized as a living being in all human policy, practice and procedure.

She believes that the unity of humanity and the Earth is the catalyst for evolution into a new era of inter-connectedness, collaboration and abundance for all life in Earth.

Over the last five years, Tabi has synthesized coaching, eco-psychology (the benefits of a human-nature relationship) and biomimicry (how nature can provide solutions to challenging human problems) into a unique approach that allows business owners and organizations to achieve higher levels of performance through aligning the way they think with Nature to maximize their profit margins, work more effectively and improve their well-being.

Tabi is also the creator of The Nature Process®, an online program that has helped hundreds of people around the world discover the power and potential of their natural selves.

In the last two years The Nature Process has raised over $23,000 to support the work of TreeSisters, a non-profit organisation whose mission is to reforest the tropics within the next ten years.

To date 2140 trees have been planted thanks to The Nature Process. These trees help combat the effects of climate change in some of the most poverty-striken areas of South India.

Tabi is also the author of two best-selling books and an international speaker. She currently trains and mentors people to faciliate The Nature Process in their own community.

Before stepping up in service to the Earth, Tabi coached people affected by loss to move beyond grief. She has also coached people to improve their communication skills, supported individuals with severe mental health issues and worked in various other customer/client service and support roles.

Tabi has an undergraduate degree in psychology with honors, a masters in applied ecopsychology, is a member of the British Psychological Society and is a certified professional coach.

She is currently studying for her second masters in consciousness, spirituality and transpersonal psychology with a view to develop her work on Nature consciousness.

Over the last seven years Tabi has divided her time between Scotland and Spain and has spent much time travelling in Europe and the U.S.

When she’s not obsessing over how to re-connect humanity and the Earth back together you’ll find her strength training, climbing trees, wading through rivers, running up hills, talking to herself in Spanish and figuring out how to maintain the title of “Best Auntie in the Universe” as awarded to her by her eldest niece.

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