Alex Papworth

I found my way to coaching with nature through a series of small crises.

After 15 years in a successful career as a business analyst – including a stint as president of the IIBA (International Institute of Business Analysts) – I found myself demotivated and trapped.

I struggled to free myself financially through experimenting with different businesses.

I also felt a strong need for positive social impact in my work that I wasn’t getting in the financial sector. In fact, I saw the opposite with various scandals and a business ecosystem that simply passed the profits around between different organisations and individuals.

The real shock and anger came when I was part of a large scale transformation that showed me how the structures and control that I thought necessary for an effective organisation (and had limited my freedom and contribution in the past) were, in fact, a drag on the company performance.

Paradoxically, this was also the most inspiring time in my working life as I was finding a place that gave me some of the freedom I craved to ‘bring my whole self to work’. At the same time, I started to explore and educate myself to understand our thinking and beliefs that has driven our society to a point where we are destroying our own home.

This loss of faith and re-education combined when I came to the understanding that we need to embrace our connection with nature and each other. And, in particular, the way nature works with its innate rich diversity and ability to thrive through change is a far superior model to the mechanistic model that pervades all aspects of our working lives.

Random Facts About Me
  • Described my role title as Adventurer for 2 years on Linked In as I was trying to shake off the corporate shackles. This is still the best description (suggested by my family) for my love of uncertainty, big important challenges, figuring out the gaps and using my ingenuity.
  • Used to be a consummate professional who wouldn’t bring emotions into the workplace. Now I love to talk about how powerful it is to be kind, first and foremost to yourself (and tearing up is no longer scary!)
  • Been to New Zealand three times, starting as a backpacker, walking the trails and working in orchards and, moving on to wine tours and whale watching more recently.
  • Love cycling and have a dream of wondering on my bike, meeting amazing people who have a vision and are making a difference in their community.
  • Knocked off my bike in 2019, I fractured a vertebrae and have the legacy of rods and screws and, thankfully, pretty much fully functional back

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