Claire Zhu

One of the best things in life is that the hurdles we overcome often lead to extraordinary opportunities. I had the fortune of being hit by one of the most scariest experiences that can people go through. This resulted in a paradigm shift in my understanding of the fundamentals of transformation.

My life took an unexpected turn in 2014.

I was 32. I worked in corporate banking on mega deals to finance companies and projects in infrastructure, energy and resource sectors. I planned to get married. Things were looking bright. 

And then it happened…

After months of cold like symptoms, I was diagnosed with Stage IV lymphoma. I was devastated. My wedding plans, honeymoon and banking career ambitions were all put on hold. It was sudden and shocked everyone around me.

I spent a lot of time crying and processing overwhelming emotions. The questions that I could not come to terms with were: Why me? Why cancer? Why now?

I started chemotherapy and my hair fell out. It was an intense treatment but it didn’t cure the cancer. I needed radiotherapy.

Tired and lacking energy, I doubted I would heal. I told my mum I was going to die and wanted to write my will.

But something inside me led me to explore healing beyond radiation.

I discovered the healing power of the natural world.  Whenever I spent time outside, my fears quietened as I explored the trees and plants. I felt hopeful about the future.

I started working with a spiritual teacher. Things started transforming rapidly.  My fears lost their power.

By the end of 2015, I was cleared of lymphoma.  Despite possibilities that I would be infertile, I was pregnant with my twin daughters within a year. I felt so blessed and filled with joy.

I followed my calling and trained as a Transformational Change Coach specialising in the Nature Connected Framework™ for Coaching and spiritual healing. I felt honoured and fortunate to witness my clients’ lives transform beyond their own expectations through the power of coaching with nature and spiritual energy transmissions.

One day, I had this profound realisation: If my clients and I could receive life changing clarity and transform our lives, what would happen to someone who wants to find a cure for terminal illness? Or with those who want to scale sustainable energy solutions for climate change? Or end poverty?

That realisation brought affirmation to my own purpose. I am here to help those leaders who want to bring transformation to our world and solve our grand challenges.

Random Facts About Me
  • I came to Australia when I was nineteen on my own as a student. I feel a sense of belonging and happiness here with my young family in Melbourne.
  • I love to cook. Seeing my family finish a meal from a new recipe makes me joyful.
  • I am a terrible runner. I used to be the last in running in Physical Education classes. I trained every day to pass the Physical Education exam in High School.
  • Going to nature makes me more present and calmer when I interact with my children.
  • My children showed me their incredible confidence and ability when I relaxed and let them roam free on the playground.
  • I have my own coach and I pay her more than “I think” I can afford. I believe having a coach makes me more committed to my own growth. I do not have to figure it all out on my own.
  • I get to witness people’s strengths in coaching. Each and every one of us is truly unique and has our own “special” power.