Transformational Change Coaches

Lyn Man

20+ years experience as a certified management accountant. 10+ years experience as a professional coach.

Lyn coaches purpose driven leaders to realise their own personal vision and that of the organisation. She also coaches and mentors purpose driven leaders to use financial data to help tell a better business story.

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Mark Henderson

25+ years experience as a business leader, entrepreneur and marketing consultant.

Mark coaches, trains and mentors purpose driven leaders supporting them to fully embody, share and manifest their purpose, sustainably, to accelerate adoption of their work and bring positive change to society.

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Claire Zhu

9+ years experience in corporate banking and state government.

Claire coaches purpose driven leaders to optimize performance, increase resilience and align actions with the wisdom of their heart.

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Brad Frankel

15+ years in sales consultancy. 6+ years in conservation and sustainable travel.

Brad coaches purpose driven leaders to create change for a sustainable future.  He is also one of the co-founders of Flooglebinder, who curate education adventures that create change for people and planet.

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Annemarie Chilton

20+ years in pharmaceutical and academic research. 10+ years in meditation and yoga.

Annemarie coaches purpose driven/servant business and community leaders to see the link between their own health and well-being and that of their businesses and communities.


Al Kennedy

25+ years experience in strategic design and communications, as a creative entrepreneur and business designer

Al coaches purpose driven creative leaders, social business and technology entrepreneurs to grow, evolve and transform.

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Alex Papworth

25+ years effecting change in large corporates and business analysis

Alex coaches and trains purpose driven business and community leaders so that they can become a force for good and create an ecosystem where everyone thrives.

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Jim Lepingwell

20+ years in nature-based industries. 3+ years in clinical hypnotherapy.

Jim coaches purpose driven leaders to gain greater awareness of themselves and how they show up in their lives and business so that they can make their best contribution to the business and purpose they serve.

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