What’s possible when you master the art of coaching with nature?

We are currently undergoing the greatest evolution in the history of Humanity. Together we are waking up to our responsibility as a species to help create a sustainable world for people and planet.

Coaching with nature has a vital role to play within this because it can help people to:

  • Develop greater awareness of the world around them
  • Align action with purpose
  • Find solutions within nature to their challenges
  • Learn to think and act like part of a greater whole
  • Create the necessary resilience and growth to navigate change

Transformational Change Coach Training

We’ve designed our coach training for the 21st Century.  Nature is at the heart of how you coach because humans need nature to thrive.

This program equips you to work with nature both indoors and out.

You will be able to help your clients connect inner and outer nature as one.

We use an evidenced-based approach to coaching and nature connection.

This means you will be able to be confident that you’re coaching with nature in a way that gets results.

“Tabitha has a genuine interest in serving others and deep compassion to help you overcome obstacles and achieve your aspirations. She has a high level of integrity and her commitment to your growth is outstanding.” Claire Zhu, Trained Coach, Australia

For Professionals and Business Owners

Our training works best with those looking to expand their existing skill set.

You want to incorporate coaching into it and amplify the impact of your existing work.

You do not need to have any previous coach training or experience to undertake this course.

However, we do require all our students to:

  • demonstrate alignment with Earthself’s values
  • have a clear intention for how they wish to use coaching with nature in the future.
  • show a clear commitment to helping to create a sustainable world
  • believe in people, planet and profit.
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Delivered in Four Seasons within a Yearly Cycle

Our coach training program consists of:

  • Practical Coaching Skills (aligned with the ICF Core Competencies)
  • Nature Connected Framework for Coaching (understanding key elements of nature connection)
  • Coaching with The NatureProcess® (bringing nature into the core of your coaching)
  • Transformative Coaching Skills (integrating additional tools designed to create transformation both in individuals and organisations)

We offer two intakes per yearly cycle (April (Spring Intake) & September (Autumn Intake)).

The entire program is delivered online to ensure you’re capable of coaching with nature online and off.

Training is delivered in small groups with a maximum of 6 participants to ensure that everyone is able to participate fully with the experiential aspects of the training program.

Live sessions are held via zoom and the recorded seminars are hosted in our online learning platform.

After being introduced to the principles that make an excellent coach, you will then start to integrate nature into your coaching practice through mind, body and earth.

“Tabitha is passionate about her work and totally committed to it. She is authentic, supportive and generous in her sharing of her own academic journey and coaching experience. It’s fun and you will deepen your own connection to nature with all the benefits that follow.”Mark Henderson, Trained Coach, Sweden

Led by Earthself’s Director & Lead Coach

Tabitha Jayne is the lead trainer on our coach training program. With over 10 years practical experience in coaching, Tabitha also holds PCC accreditation with the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Additional trainers may participate in the delivery of the program.  These trainers all hold an ICF accreditation level of ACC, PCC or MCC.

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Aligned to Elite Coaching Standards

Together, the four seasons offer 125 hours of training designed to meet the ICF standards for PCC portfolio application*:

  • 5 hours of live coach specific training
    • 20 hours of recorded seminar training
    • 5 hours of group mentor coaching
    • 3 hours of 1:1 mentor coaching
    • 15 hours of observed coaching

Successful completion of the modules along with a performance exam will certify you as a Transformational Change Professional Coach.

*We intend to apply for full ICF ATCP accreditation for the program in the future.

“Tabitha knows her craft. She is dedicated to what she does and ensures all her products and services are of the highest quality.”Lyn Man, Coach, England

Frequent Answers

  • This training program is currently only available in English.
  • Payment plans adapted to your specific circumstances available upon request.
  • We offer no refunds on payments once they are received. This is to ensure that you are fully committed to the program before signing up.
  • Should you need to withdraw from the training program for exceptional circumstances, we will work with you to facilitate this in the best way possible.
  • We will also help support you to complete the training program at a later date providing this is within two years of your withdrawal.
Get in contact to speak to one of our coaches and find out if our program is right for you