“Coaching in nature is something I’m so deeply passionate about; and have embraced and practiced throughout my entire coaching journey. Nature invites us into deeper relationship with ourselves, each other, and the Earth. I know this in my heart, blood & bones.

Before Tabitha’s workshops, I’d only ever found a way to do practice coaching in nature when I’ve been coaching face to face, and outdoors.  Tabitha’s CPD workshops, for the AoEC Alumni in Scotland, introduced creative ways of bringing nature into the coaching process, even whilst working virtually! Now that’s cool – and so much needed in these times.

Throughout both workshops, I found myself more deeply connected to my own sensory experience;  to my capacity to notice, pay attention, to soften my focus, slow down, be present, and more fully in my breath and my body.  Whilst coaching virtually I’m now experimenting with inviting my clients to journey into nature, holding a question that’s close to their heart; and through the support of nature, and silence, and my coaching presence; listening to their own truth, wisdom, deepest knowing”.

Coaching with nature, including working virtually, is a superpower competence for transformational coaching work. Tabitha has mastered the art of coaching with nature; and I highly recommend her workshops, including as CPD for already accredited coaches”.

K.Y. ~ AoEC Faculty in Scotland

“Thank you for leading today's session. Your group facilitation was exemplary, your posting steps, sensitively including people, working with individual and group energy. Your session design felt both active and reflective, your inputs both coach led and teaching led.

The presentation / explanation of your approach was clear, accessible and feels very ‘of our time'. You've been growing something very important, very relevant and want to appreciate and recognise you in that.”

R.M. ~ U.K. Director

“It was a pleasure to have Tabitha host two of our recent on-line AoEC Alumni in Scotland events exploring ‘A Journey into Coaching with Nature’. It was great to see how, as coaches, we can harness the beauty and power of nature to deepen our clients’ awareness and at the same time enhance our own practice. 

The way Tabitha brought everyone into the initial session was masterful and the contrast between those living ‘in the moment’ and those reflecting on past experiences was really powerful. The follow-up session based on an exercise of self-exploration was packed with rich observations and insights, with everyone participating having different perspectives to share.

This has been our first venture into online events and I am sure in light of the success of these two we will run many more in the future.”

I.W. ~ AoEC Alumni Representative

“I felt as if I had no control over my career.  I didn’t know where it was going or how to get to where I wanted to be.  I had lost faith in myself and felt like a failure.  Connecting to nature gives me a feeling of pure joy, love and a deep certainty that everything is ok.  I now have so much peace and calm in my life, even with chaos around me. 

My career once seemed like a dream that I couldn’t do.  Now I have full control in all aspects of my career.  The fear is gone and things are happening.  I have complete faith.  I took action, arranged meetings and got great feedback.  I  moved my family across the country and had work that I dreamed of within two months of arriving in my new city.  It’s been such a great learning process.  Nature coaching has been life changing for me.”

R.M. ~ U.S. Professional

“NATUREConnected Coaching is a holistic process that allows you to look at your life and your business as a whole instead of just focusing on one aspect. Not only is it a powerful way to learn a lot about yourself but it also helps you create a strong business model that looks at all aspects of your business and its growth potential in a way that benefits you, your bottom line and the planet.”

B.J. ~ U.S. Professional

“Tabitha’s commitment to putting the planet’s wellbeing above profit isn’t just a jazzy slogan. Ms. Jayne lives what she promotes and her ‘planet first’ business model inspired us to evaluate more deeply how – even as an ecologically focused non-profit charity – we could put the planet first within our emerging business strategy.

For the past two years Tabitha donated 100% of the profits from her on-line course, The Nature Process, to us. Her on-line course was so successful that we realized we could shift from being a non-profit charity asking for donations to offering on-line courses that fund our organization and reforestation efforts.

Our business model has shifted from asking to earning. Tabitha’s ‘planet first’ business model also inspired us to reassess the business motivations behind the instructors we hire. 

Through Tabitha’s example we realized we wanted to partner with instructors who view their courses as a means of actively helping to reforest the Tropics rather than simply being another marketing venue for their teaching career.

Along these lines we created a new fees for services model in which all of our instructors agree that 20% of the gross profit of our courses goes directly to reforestation before any other distribution occurs.

We also began creating mini-courses and mini-tree campaigns that would enable us to direct 100% of that income directly to reforestation. Reimaging these key business areas enabled us to increase our reforestation funding by 300% in one year.”

E.V. ~ U.K. COO

“Tabitha was the consummate observer, bearing witness to all the stages I traversed during this process.  She never brought her own expectations or judgments to the relationship.  She asked powerful questions and often offered acknowledgement.

She understood that with my high desire to heal and my deep self-awareness, it would be best to just Sherpa me through this process.  Her ego did not require her to really facilitate anything, but just hold the sacred space for me.

She was a guide and a partner during this process.  I would highly recommend her for anyone caught up in grief that is looking to transition and transcend it.”

J.A. ~ U.S. Business Owner

“Tabitha is amazing; throughout the whole coaching period she was always supportive and positive. I looked forward to our weekly coaching sessions and from one session to the next I would constantly reflect on all the things that were said.

I have become aware of another facet of myself and as my first ever coach I have dubbed it the “Tabitha Voice” (it even has a Scottish accent!). Joking aside, my coaching relationship has given me a point of reference of sorts… I am increasingly able to coach myself and feel that the “Tabitha Voice” is objective and doesn’t always side with my own justifications of various different problems and scenarios.

One of the most important things for me is that I “clicked” and trusted Tabitha completely within our first few sessions, which is something that rarely happens for me.  I wasn’t “just” talking to a coach but I was confiding in a friend who I knew would always be objective and would never judge me.

The space and energy that Tabitha provided me in our sessions became an extremely valuable thing for me. One of the many great things I learnt through Tabitha is how to create that space and energy for myself.”

J.M. ~ Thailand Professional

“The coaching was a great, invaluable thing for me. I was in a place where nothing seemed good, nothing seemed right. It was nice knowing that I had a listening ear to get my thoughts and feelings out on.

Tabitha was great because she approached the sessions from a place of compassion. I believe that she truly wished to help me achieve my goals. I know that she maintained an unbiased opinion and strove to show me the way to find the answers I sought.

She pushed me when she knew I could do more, she challenged me, she helped me to find the true self that she knew was there.”

M.T. ~ Canadian Professional

The coaching I had was very helpful. Each session was straightforward and I was able to work through all of the problems or questions I had. I liked that after each session I had found a new perspective and a new enthusiasm about life. It also helped to go over what I had learned afterwards and then how these changes would affect my life.

The coaching left me feeling uplifted and motivated to continue changing. It felt empowering to be able to know that I have insight and knowledge in me that I had never known before. It was an amazing experience to work with Tabitha and to also provide inspiration for her as well.

N.K. ~ U.S. Student