For Business Owners

Nature connection helps you deal with the daily challenges of being a business owner
It helps you rest, relax and refresh yourself.
Supports you to make better decisions.
Inspires you to do business differently and make an even bigger impact in the world
Aligns you with nature so that you can become a leader in sustainable business.

We provide nature connected coaching with our own nature-connected model of transformational growth, Tree of Transformation®.

The Tree of Transformation uses trees as a map and metaphor for growth and supports you to become a better leader.

To get the most out of this coaching you need to be on a committed path of personal development.

Nature Connected Intensives

Time out to focus on your and your business.

We offer 3-day individual intensives specifically focused on connecting you and your business to nature.

Get clarity and insight from nature and ensure you and your business reach optimal levels of well-being and performance.

Transformational Coaching

Space to evolve yourself and your business.

We offer six month coaching experiences using the Tree of Transformation.

Tailored to your specific needs, this transformational coaching experience supports your own growth and evolution in becoming fully aligned with both the natural world around you and your own inner nature.