For Individuals

Nature connection can help you let go of stress.
Explore a new way of being in the world.
Boost your well-being and enhance your life.
Discover the power and potential of your natural self.
Tap into 67 scientifically researched benefits of spending time in nature.

Discover the power and potential of your natural self

We support people like you to improve your well-being through deepening your connection to nature with our flagship process, The Nature Process®.

The Nature Process is a simple way of deepening your connection to nature by being in the body and experiencing nature through the senses.

It can teach you effective stress management skills, promote creative thinking, and lead to better mental health.

Certified Facilitator Training

We offer training to individuals who are interested in becoming The Nature Process Certified Facilitators.

Our certified facilitator training is a twenty-four week, ninety-six-hour training comprising of eighteen live training calls with seventy-eight hours of practical nature activities and preparation to ensure you’re ready to facilitate The Nature Process at the end of the training and complete the assessments to make you a Certified Facilitator.

The Nature Process is registered as an Accredited Trainer with the International Association of Coaches, Mentors and Therapists (IACTM).