Tabitha Jayne

I’ve been fascinated with our relationship to nature ever since my younger brother died suddenly when I was twenty-two.  Nature provided solace and peace as I worked through my grief.

It also shaped my interest in human behaviour and how nature could be a powerful tool for transformation on an individual and collective level.

I was living in Spain when I first discovered coaching. I knew I had found a modality that could help me amplify nature’s capacity to catalyse transformation.

After experiencing burnout, I set off on a journey to identify how to create a systematic approach to coaching with nature that was relevant for the demands of business in today’s world.

I wanted it to be capable of embedding transformational change into organisations at scale that would help accelerate our transition to a sustainable world.  And I wanted to train others in this methodology too.

Over the years, I’ve coached and mentored leaders from social enterprises, start-ups, small businesses, corporate and non-profit organisations. Now I coach with nature in an evidence-based approach that is specifically designed for 21st century needs in virtual settings.

Wellbeing, resilience and sustainability are embedded into coaching with nature.  This enables clients to access regular engagement with the natural world in a way that promotes creativity and innovation in all areas of their lives.

My academic research on the human/nature relationship and transformative adult learning and development is embedded into the core of Earthself’s coaching with nature methodology.

As I developed this methodology, I worked to understand how our human connection to nature can drive the circular economy, systems thinking, natural capital, purpose-driven business and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

To understand the complexity and challenges of creating businesses that benefit people, planet and profit, I’ve spoken with over 200+ leaders through Sustainable: The Podcast.

After a decade of pioneering this work, I'm now at the stage of publishing articles in peer reviewed journals and working to develop an emerging field of research on earth connection and its relevance to business in the 21st century.

I combine 20+ years in personal and spiritual development with 20+ years in psychological study and 20+ years in business to bring a down-to-earth Scottish approach to how I create custom coaching solutions for purpose-driven organisations serious about creating a world that works for everyone.


  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC), International Coach Federation
  • Certified Professional Coach, International Coaching Academy
  • Team Coaching Foundations Certified Coach, Global Team Coaching Institute
  • MSc Consciousness, Spirituality and Transpersonal Psychology (Merit), The Alef Trust & Middlesex University, England
  • MS Applied Ecopsychology, Akamai University, USA
  • BSc (Hons) Psychology, Queen Margaret University, Scotland
      Random Facts About Me
      • Signed-up for a 50k ultramarathon with a two-month training period despite having never ran more than 10k two years previously. Seven half-marathons, four marathons and a 48k practice run were part of my training. I completed the John Muir 50k Ultramarathon in 6:46:07.
      • Lived with my granny for the last two years of her life. I had the honour and privilege to be her primary carer so that she could die peacefully at home in her own bed.
        • Launched The Nature Process online in 2014 and generated over £16k to helping reforest the planet through the work of the non-profit, TreeSisters by donating 100% of the revenue from the program to their organisation.
        • Spent 7 years living between Scotland and Spain.  In that time, I mastered the art of program delivery and small group engagement through spending thousands of hours working with thousands of people from all over Spain.  Fell in love too with the language and culture!