Tabitha Jayne

After creating The Nature Process and using the online program to raise funds for a non-profit, I realised there was something more waiting to be birthed in the world.

I had a vision of a world where people and business functioned in harmony with the Earth and I wanted to help make that a reality.

What my own connection to nature and that of my clients taught me was that when you connect deeply with nature it transforms into a connection with the Earth.

To understand this better and deepen to my work as a coaching practitioner, I went back to university and did my second masters.

Five years later, my research on Earth Connection is now published in an academic peer-reviewed journal.

A new adventure awaits through researching and coaching with Earth Connection and its relevance to business in the 21st Century!

Earthself as a business is where I get to play and practice with innovative ideas and test them first before bringing them into my client work and then training others in my methodologies.

Over the years, I’ve coached leaders and team from social enterprises, start-ups, small businesses, corporate and non-profit organisations. I've also trained a number of coaches on how to coach with nature from an evidence-based perspective.

Highlights of My Experience

  • Delivered 900+ training sessions to corporate executives in Europe, Australia and the United States
  • Coached over 1200 professionals to improve their soft skills and enhance their career opportunities
  • Worked with over 300 leaders and teams in 18 countries to help them develop themselves and their work in harmony with nature
  • Developed the world’s first International Coach Federation (ICF) core competency aligned coach training program that combines the evidence-base of nature connection with the art and science of coaching


  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC), International Coach Federation
  • Certified Professional Coach, International Coaching Academy
  • Team Coaching Foundations Certified Coach, Global Team Coaching Institute
  • EMCC Global Individual Team Coaching Accreditation (ITCA) Foundation
  • MSc Consciousness, Spirituality and Transpersonal Psychology (Merit), The Alef Trust & Middlesex University, England
  • MS Applied Ecopsychology, Akamai University, USA
  • BSc (Hons) Psychology, Queen Margaret University, Scotland
      Random Facts About Me
      • Signed-up for a 50k ultramarathon with a two-month training period despite having never ran more than 10k two years previously. Seven half-marathons, four marathons and a 48k practice run were part of my training. I completed the John Muir 50k Ultramarathon in 6:46:07.
      • Lived with my granny for the last two years of her life. I had the honour and privilege to be her primary carer so that she could die peacefully at home in her own bed.
        • Launched The Nature Process online in 2014 and generated over £16k to helping reforest the planet through the work of the non-profit, TreeSisters by donating 100% of the revenue from the program to their organisation.
        • Spent 7 years living between Scotland and Spain.  In that time, I mastered the art of program delivery and small group engagement through spending thousands of hours working with thousands of people from all over Spain.  Fell in love with the language and culture too!