Lyn Man

I spent as much time as possible out in the natural world as a child.  Growing up between the Lake District of northern England and the East coast of Scotland.  I went outside whenever I needed space to think.

My parents told me I needed to have a profession. Accounting was easy.  Yet I couldn’t see how I could make a difference in the world.

Over twenty years working with large multinationals, a venture capital funded small business, non-profits and start-ups, I realised that the numbers of a business told a story about its success.

The numbers of your business help you understand what you’re really doing in and support you to make informed decisions.

Yet, as much as they tell the story of success they are influenced by our own emotions and experiences.

We like to think we’re rational beings, we’re actually very emotional.  Numbers in business can be used to influence others – for good or for bad.  Driving short-term decisions instead of strategic, sustainable long-term success.

When you learn to emotionally detach from your numbers, to let go of the stories influencing you, and use the numbers as information it helps you to integrate business and finance in a way that increases your profitability and create an organisation which is good for its people and the planet.

I support purpose driven leaders to change their personal stories so they can see the true story the information is telling and use this to deliver the organisations and their own vision.  To work to create an organisation that is sustainable for all and that makes a positive impact in the world.

I’ve used coaching as a tool for the development of leaders for the last ten years and trained to become a certified professional coach.

Bringing a wealth of additional business experience from project and change management to implementing new systems and processes. Restructuring teams and departments as well as leadership and skill development.

Random Facts About Me
  • I first met Tabitha when I was training as a coach. I became her client and then helped build EarthSelf to where it is today before realising I needed to share my expertise with a wider audience.
  • A passionate amateur photographer, I use my skills in creating visual stories to help bring numbers to life. It also connects me to my childhood dream of being a National Geographic Photographer!
  • After the fall of President Ceausescu in Romania, I built a team to raise money and supplies for one of their orphanages and spent a month working there supporting the children.
  • Over the years I’ve worked on business plans ranging from less than £100,000 to over £100 million.
  • Mountains are my favourite part of nature. I lived surrounded by them in Switzerland for a few years. They remind me that we all have a vision of a better world and that all we need to do to achieve this is follow the path to the summit, no matter the challenges.

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