Mark Henderson

“Mark has the ability to develop growth and results as well as human potential, with sustainability as an underlying value. ‘Balance' is a word which, for me, describes Mark's leadership and his way of doing business sustainably.”

Transfixed and inspired by the Himalayan climbing pioneers of my teenage years and my own marathon, Munro-bagging sorties into the Scottish hills, I developed a fascination around human potential and a deep connection to nature. My own adventure has seen me explore different aspects of life at the edge of my comfort zone and I discovered that’s where the fun and the growth happens!

My experience as a business leader, entrepreneur and marketing consultant for over 25 years has given me invaluable insights into what it’s like to lead and to manage organisations and this adds value to the programmes I offer clients as a coach, trainer and mentor.

Launching a renewable energy business back in 2004 we introduced new energy concepts into a new market and had to negotiate the growing pains of the business and the market with increasing levels of competition and legislation to contend with.

Today I coach, train and mentor purpose driven leaders supporting them to fully embody, share and manifest their purpose, sustainably, to accelerate adoption of their work and bring positive change to society. I love working with them because they are committed to making a difference and are prepared to do what it takes to achieve the greatest potential for themselves and their offering for the benefit of society in general.

My coaching, training and mentoring is supported and structured around leadership and organisational development programmes developed by highly experienced coach and business consultant, Mats Holmer. Over 7,000 individuals have benefited from his programmes which are proven to improve leadership skills and practice.

Random Facts About Me
  • Founded a renewable energy business and led its development and growth to a £5M turnover within 5 years. Managed and negotiated the successful sale of the business following over 2,500 installations throughout the UK.
  • Part of a 50-strong team cycling 1200 km from Sweden to Paris to raise money for a children’s cancer charity. The team has raised over £350K.
  • Member of a team focused on tackling climate change through planetary restoration. Working with nature and local communities to regenerate ecosystems through seeding food forests.
  • Former director of a community not-for-profit that oversaw the fundraising, construction and ongoing management of a £750K community hall in Gartocharn with stunning views north to Ben Lomond and the loch.
  • Founded and developed an integrated marketing consultancy working as a marketing department for clients. Developed and delivered the OptiMark Strategic Marketing Training Programme for business leaders.
  • Career labels: Retail Salesman; Branch Manager; Gemmologist; Managing Director; Marketing Consultant; Programme Creator; Director; Founder; Franchise Director; Renewable Energy Specialist; Mentor; Trainer; Coach.

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