Become a Catalyst for Transformational Change

The way we do business is changing.

It’s no longer just about making money.

It’s about taking care of people and planet, of having a purpose that inspires you to do good.

It’s about making a profit and having an impact that helps create a more sustainable world.

Yet changemakers are held back by a fundamental disempowerment.

A disconnect between heart and head; body and earth.

A sustainable world starts by aligning ourselves and our businesses with the power of nature

When we become informed and inspired by nature’s intelligence, we go beyond sustainable business.

We tap into the evolutionary potential of nature and know how to work with what’s emerging instead of trying to force transformation.

In doing so, we amplify the impact of everything we do.

Our coaching is underpinned by the therapeutic benefits of spending time in nature and helps you access greater levels of creativity and innovation.

When you reach optimal levels of well-being and performance through connecting to nature, so does your business.

That’s when you start catalysing transformational change – within yourself, your business and the world

Over 16 years ago, our founder Tabitha Jayne’s younger brother died suddenly in a car crash.  She turned to nature for solace and discovered a powerful connection that transformed her life.

She has spent the last eight years developing and delivering a number of nature connected coaching and training programs in a variety of sectors.

Today, she not only works with changemakers, leaders and organisations to help them become more nature connected but also trains facilitators and coaches in her unique nature-connected methodologies. 

After interviewing over 100 changemakers and leaders for Sustainable: The Podcast, Tabitha has identified that they all have one key thing in common: deeply powerful and transformative experiences in nature that inform and inspire the work they do.

"I think in life that [nature] helps you get that perspective of how stressed you maybe and not even realize it until you get out in nature. You feel the peacefulness and it allows you to tap into that peacefulness within yourself, even if for a moment.

And I think that’s how we can really change the world, I mean the peace has to start within each of us."

Mark Lefko, CEO: The Lefko Group - Sustainable: The Podcast #43 & 44

Become nature connected

This twenty eight week coaching program is adapted to your needs and takes you and/or team through the five key modules of our nature connected methodology outlined below.

Synthesising key components of natural capital, purpose-driven business, biomimicry, circular economy, biophilianature connection and transpersonal psychology, this program will enable you to lead from and embody nature’s intelligence within your life and organisation.

Optimise the full potential of your impact and innovation

Nature Aware

  • Experience yourself as part of Nature
  • Understand your impact on others and the Earth
  • Discover the value Nature has for you and your business

Nature Driven

  • Clarify you and your business' purpose and values
  • Identify the impact you want to make
  • Align your purpose and values with impact

Nature Inspired

  • Model your life and business on how nature works
  • Engage with the natural world
  • Understand how Nature impacts you and your business

Nature Thought

  • Understand the systems at work within your life and business
  • Identify opportunities for growth
  • Create systemic transformation in your life and business

Nature Embodied

  • Become fully present and engaged with life
  • Experience a deeper state of awareness, joy and clarity
  • Let your life and business model Nature's wisdom

This is for you

If you are a small business owner, entrepreneur, C-level executive or high-level manager who is looking for a way to develop yourself and your organisation.

You have an understanding of sustainable business and would like increase your experiential learning and knowledge while increasing your own level of nature connection.

You want to reach optimal levels of well-being and performance for you and your organisation.

Create a positive impact in the world.

Register your interest

When you do, we will plant one tree through our partnership with B1G1: Business for Good as part of our commitment to amplifying our impact in the world.

Due to the intensive and transformative aspects of this coaching program we only take on a small number of clients each year who meet the program requirements.

We will contact you within 48 hours to follow up.