We believe in the importance of applying nature connection into practical evidence-based solutions.

Current Focus

The NEQ (Nature Experiences Questionnaire) is a 15 question quantitative measurement of how people interact with the natural world.

Based on the hypothesis that nature connection is a state, we aim to demonstrate that we can improve nature connection to create better levels of well-being in individuals and organisations.

Evidence suggests that nature connection improves through nature contact. It impacts human health and well-being. This includes physical and mental health, community well-being and job performance.

EarthSelf and Griffith University partnered together to develop the NEQ.

Once empirically validated, the NEQ will help inform the development of theoretically-grounded and evidence-based guidance for:

  • managers,
  • policy makers
  • others with responsibility for the well-being of employees.

It also has future applications in evaluating and developing nature connected programs as well as in coaching and green prescriptions.

Why it this important?

Much of the existing scientific literature, nature connection is defined as a trait.

An individual either has more nature connection or less and are unlikely to experience any major change. People who experience nature connection will get more benefits from spending time in nature than those who don’t.

Therefore, if nature connection is a trait, then there is very little we can do to improve it.

However, when we look at nature connection as a state, it means that nature connection can be dramatically improved.

When we help people to feel part of the natural world, then we can help them:

  • improve their physical and mental health;
  • enhance community well-being;
  • improve employees experience at work and;
  • potentially improve job performance.

And we can:

  • build the business case for nature connection and;
  • ensure that nature connection is seen as an essential component of our transition to a more sustainable world.