Nature Connected

Nature Connection studies your personal relationship with the natural world and how this impacts well-being and promotes creativity, innovation and growth
Nature Connected is the application of nature connection into practical evidenced-based solutions for transformational change.


Nature Connected Coaching blends the practical application of the psychological field of study known as Nature Connection with the thought-provoking process of coaching.

Coaching is about helping people see and reach their full potential by building awareness, responsibility and self-belief in themselves. It is about helping them see beyond past mistakes to create a new future.

Nature Connected Coaching uses the natural world as a coaching tool to help people achieve optimal levels of health and well-being as they start to recognise themselves as part of the natural world too.

When we feel a part of the natural world around us, we are more likely to act in a way that is sustainable – for ourselves, our community, and the Earth itself.

At EarthSelf, we’ve developed our Nature Connected Coaching using an evidence-based approach to ensure we get the most out of our Nature Connected Coaching methodology.  We’ve also worked to link our framework with other existing nature connected approaches such as Natural Capital Protocol, Biomimicry, Systems Thinking, Circular Economy and Eco-psychology.

We are committed to creating harmony between humanity and nature and believe that Nature Connected Coaching is key to achieving this.


What is your relationship to the natural world and your impact upon it?


How can you make decisions that are aligned with nature?


What biological processes, design and actions found in nature inspire you?


What will it take to for you to think in complete systems and processes like those that exist in every part of nature?


How can you bring your own inner nature into alignment with the natural world around you and reach your full potential?

Benefits for Individuals

  • Increased productivity, creativity and innovation
  • Reduced stress and increased resilience
  • Improved clarity and insight
  • Access to 67 scientifically researched benefits of spending time in nature

Benefits for Organisations

  • Reduced staff absenteeism and increased employee fulfilment
  • Better workplace morale
  • Acquire and retain the best employees
  • Increase profit margins
  • Improve customer loyalty
  • Become recognised as a leader in the transition to sustainable business
  • Know that your business truly supports people, planet and profit