For Organisations

Nature connection can help transform employee experience.
It boosts both well-being and performance.
Helps develop natural leadership.
Encourages productivity, creativity and innovation.
Creates more opportunity for growth and compliments sustainability strategies.

We provide tailor made nature connected services that translate into a sustainable high well-being and performance culture within your organisation.

Our products and services can be combined to create dynamic, inspirational and transformational experiences for your entire organisation.

Nature Connected Workshops

Improve your employee experience and harness 67 scientifically researched benefits of connecting to nature for your organisation. We offer a range of workshops that can be adapted to your organisation’s needs.

Our workshops introduce people to a nature connected approach, why it’s important and how to connect to nature for improved well-being and performance. These workshops are dynamic, engaging and experientialto ensure that your employees not only experience their own connection to nature but understand how nature connection impacts the performance of the organisation as a whole.

Humanising Performance CheckUP

Using our unique data driven metrics system, we identify the gaps within your employees’ connection to nature and highlight how this impacts your sustainable business performance using evidence-based research in this area.

We offer a complimentary performance check UP for qualifying organisations. Discover the necessary priorities to ensure your organisation’s sustainable business performance. This checkUP is unique to your organisation and provides easy analysis and interpretation.

Try the metrics for yourself and take part in our global research study

Executive Coaching

Evolve as a leader. Make Better Decisions. Become more confident. Identify new ways of working. Create innovative solutions to address work challenges.

We help C-level execs identify what’s stopping them from achieving sustainable well-being and high performance and support them to implement changes both personally and professionally as they learn how to tap into nature for clarity, insight and innovation.

Company Retreats

Gives your team a break away from the office. Strengthen the bond between them. Help improve communication. Lay the foundation for a sustainable high performance.

We help teams reduce stress and boost well-being before helping them to learn how to use nature as a tool for personal growth and to enhance creativity and innovation.

Nature Connected Facilitation

Learn how to work with nature to create sustainable solutions to your most pressing well-being and performance issues.

Explore and gain insight on some of your organisation’s most important needs.  Supports you to work in a nature connected way and helps you apply the principles of nature connection and develop the skills to use it as a tool for productivity, creativity and innovation.

Train the Trainer

Enables key members of your team to develop the necessary skills to educate others and facilitate a nature connected approach within your organisation.

Choose a number of in-house staff to become certified in our nature connected accreditation program. Once certified, facilitators receive ongoing training and support from our team who will support and advise them as they implement our programs into the core of your organisation.