"My journey of transformation started with Tabitha in 2014. It has been a privilege and honour to have her as my mentor and coach. Her coaching with the power of nature and training in her approach have helped me to heal an illness, change careers and have my own young family. The growth has been enormous since I became her client. 

If you’re looking for clarity and take actions to get results in your business and life, I’d look no further. Tabitha has a genuine interest in serving others and deep compassion to help you overcome obstacles and achieve your aspirations.

I highly recommend her services as a coach, consultant and mentor. She has a high level of integrity and her commitment to your growth is outstanding." 

C.Z. ~ Business Owner, Australia

"Tabitha has a unique ability to articulate a thread between seemingly disparate areas and topics and use it to thread a compelling narrative. I literally had a 30-min coaching session with her as part of a wider 75-min podcast call and walked away reeling with new possibilities. She is a true master of the craft of stories and sustainability. Hire her."

D.S. ~ Entrepreneur, UK

"Thank you for your coaching in 2017/18. At last in my life I have something concrete to focus on which lights me up and inspires me for the future.

I am forever grateful for your heartfelt and genuine guidance in my life these last few months. Without it I might never have found my real path in life or believed I could do something I love. Looking forward to starting the next chapter of my life in becoming a coach through your programme."

S.M. ~ Professional, Ireland

"We knew we needed something that would help us think differently as a team. Working with Tabitha provided us an opportunity to not only spend more time in the natural world but also look at how nature could inspire our business model.

We have now implemented a number of sustainable strategies that have saved us money and encouraged further growth within our company. As an additional benefit we all feel less stressed and more productive than ever before as we’ve made our individual and collective well-being a priority."

J.P. ~ CEO, United States

“Tabitha’s ‘planet first’ business model inspired us to evaluate more deeply how – even as an ecologically focused non-profit charity – we could put the planet first within our emerging business strategy. For the past two years Tabitha donated 100% of the profits from her on-line course, The Nature Process, to TreeSisters. Her on-line course was so successful that we realized we could shift from being a non-profit charity asking for donations to offering on-line courses that fund our organization and reforestation efforts.

Our business model has shifted from asking to earning. Tabitha’s ‘planet first’ business model also inspired us to reassess the business motivations behind the instructors we hire. Through Tabitha’s example we realized we wanted to partner with instructors who view their TreeSisters courses as a means of actively helping to reforest the Tropics rather than simply being another marketing venue for their teaching career. Along these lines we created a new fees for services model in which all of our instructors agree that 20% of the gross profit of our courses goes directly to reforestation before any other distribution occurs.

We also began creating mini-courses and mini-tree campaigns that would enable us to direct 100% of that income directly to reforestation. Reimaging these key business areas enabled us to increase our reforestation funding by 300% in one year.”

E.F. ~ COO, United Kingdom

"Learning how to engage with the natural world both personally and professionally has transformed my life and business. I am able to deal with challenges more effectively and overcome setbacks quicker than ever before. I work less and achieve more.  I’ve gone from feeling burnt and stressed out to loving life more than I’ve ever done in my life.

My business revenue has doubled and I now have a sustainable business for the first time in my life. I now know that I am sustaining myself, the business and the planet through the work I do. It’s an amazing feeling!"

A.O. ~ Business Owner, United Kingdom

"I wanted to focus on creating the business I wanted and build the necessary infrastructure so that I could fully launch my business with confidence. One of my biggest frustrations was that I didn't think I had enough of a base to create a business. I was also going through a lot of personal issues.  My marriage ended. This was impacting everything and slowing down the growth of my business.

Before I started working with Tabitha, I wasn't doing a lot.  I wasn't moving forward. I was getting more and more depressed. I felt I needed to accept where I was. Yet things were just getting worse and worse all the time. Tabitha really helped me to clarify what I needed to do and take action. She also helped me to take an honest look at myself without judgment.  I was able to let go of the thoughts and words that were dragging me down and change them.  

Transformational Change Coaching is a holistic process that allows you to look at your life and your business as a whole instead of just focusing on one aspect. Not only is it a powerful way to learn a lot about yourself but it also helps you create a strong business model that looks at all aspects of your business and its growth potential in a way that benefits you, your bottom line and the planet."

B.H. ~ Business Owner, United States

“I was unfocused and unclear as to what I was doing so I held myself back and didn’t commit to anything that moved me to where I wanted to go.  My life was unfulfilling and full of doing things for other people.  This was costing me my sanity!

Tabitha provided a structure to explore what I really wanted in life and then move forward.  Each stage seemed to fit with where I was at the time!  I immediately gained greater clarity on what I wanted in my life, and then over time expanded it out to start creating that life.

Today I am more accepting of the time I have and more relaxed.  I no longer drag my feet and find other things when I plan to sit down and work.  I am focused, determined and ready to step forward with my message and share it with the world."

L.M. ~ Business Owner, United Kingdom

"I felt as if I had no control over my career.  I didn't know where it was going or how to get it to where I wanted it to be.  Nothing was happening. I had lost my faith in myself. I felt like a failure.   I thought I was doing something wrong.

Now I feel like I have full control in all aspects of my career.  It's completely different.  The fear is gone and even though I can't see my future path clearly, things are happening.  I have complete faith in myself and my career.

My family and I are moving to LA because I know that I can and will get work. Before working with Tabitha, I would have felt like this was too much of a risk.  I wouldn't have had the courage to do it.  I would have been scared of failing.  Now, I know I'm going to go out there and do very well. I have complete faith in myself. I don't feel like a failure anymore.  I have the confidence and belief that I am creating the success in my career that I want.”

R.M. ~ Professional, United States

"I was at a stage in my life where I was not feeling satisfied or fulfilled with anything, whether it be in my professional career or with some relations in my life.  I wasn’t being true to myself. Each day became like a routine. There was no passion, no drive, no strive for anything in life.  This affected my outlook on life. I felt confused and frustrated.

My first session with Tabitha was brilliant.  I felt very excited and good from the inside.  As the sessions continued, I slowly started to realise my passions and goals.  I’m happier on a day to day basis.  I don’t struggle with what I am doing but rather I plan ahead. I and am able to take risks and ‘live for the moment’! 

I’ve explored my spiritual side and have found that the right people are entering my life.  I’ve made amazing new friendships in my life and met like-minded people and relationships I’ve had issues with previously are definitely in a better state today. 

I’m truly thankful for finding a coach like Tabitha.  She listens from the heart and really does go that extra mile to help.  A truly genuine and lovely person." 

N.S. ~ Professional, United Kingdom

"My belief in myself was limiting and I didn’t celebrate myself. The impact of this was a lack of confidence and it cost me the ability to be assertive with clients. I was losing potential sales and not retaining clients.  I was hesitant in reaching out to new clients as I felt that I would be encroaching and unwanted.

After my first session with Tabitha I reached out to a client, who I would never have contacted, and enjoyed 5 powerful sessions with my client.

It’s been 4 months since my mentoring with Tabitha and in that time I’ve had a little baby boy, coached 3 inspiring individuals (more than I could have imagined with a newborn) and am about to become a mentor myself to the local junior chamber of business in my city.

I now celebrate myself.  My confidence in coaching is undoubted. I feel invincible and challenges are exciting. I’m a new mum, and life couldn’t be more rewarding.  Tabitha is a truly brilliant coach."

C.M. ~ Business Owner, AUStralia

"I was stuck trying to change my habits on my own and getting the same result each time.  Poor dietary habits and substance abuse caused me to feel depressed, inferior, and as a result I felt isolated.  I was losing time, energy, felt emotionally drained, and couldn’t perform in my work. 

As soon as Tabitha’s coaching metaphor 'Tree of Transformation' was shared I immediately identified with it.  The metaphor connected everything for me and the process helped me put in place a strong foundation and power team to support me and stopped me from reverting back to old habits and unhelpful behaviours. 

Today I am stronger and more confident.  I've focused on strengthening my roots as my main priority and watched the rest of my tree grow.  I've let go of self limiting habits and welcomed healthy rituals.  My self-trust has increased.  I have become a role model for others.  My relationships are solid and I am present at all times.  Professionally I share the wisdom I've learned through this program with my own clients." 

J.B. ~ Business Owner, Canada

“Tabitha’s passion for making life count is infectious. She’s not only focused on working on her own passion and purpose but actively seeks for how best to serve others. Her gentle nature brings a wonderfully grounded and playful approach to all aspects of coaching.”

J.W. ~ Business Owner, United Kingdom

“The beautiful thing about Tabi is her total authenticity.  Tabi shares what is going on with her very frankly and honestly.  She teaches lessons she has learnt and is learning, without any hype, ego or BS.  She shares from her heart and is exactly herself.”

K.W. ~ Business Owner, bali

"Every little angle and corner that you enabled me to explore, and your amazing ability to entirely reflect back to me ‘how it is for me’, has quite quickly triggered a powerful transformation."

C.B. ~ Professional, United Kingdom