Purpose: To create harmony between humanity and nature

Here at EarthSelf, we believe that a sustainable world is not only possible, but that’s it’s already well on its way.

What’s needed to ensure that we create this sustainable world is our individual and collective growth.

The planet is evolving.  It’s time for humanity to evolve too.

That’s why we do what we do and why we embed giving into the core of our business through our partnership with B1G1: Business for Good.

Our giving impacts are aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, which is a bold and ambitious plan to create a world of peace and prosperity for people and planet by 2030.


To train 10,000 transformational change coaches in our coaching approach so that together we can coach 1,000,000 leaders, teams and organisations to function at their full potential and act as catalysts for our transition to a sustainable world.


Personal Responsibility & Integrity

We are powerful beings capable of choosing the thoughts, feelings, words and actions that direct our lives.  Consciously deciding how to live enables us to achieve our wildest dreams. Action aligned with intent is the most powerful tool we have as human beings.

Business Catalyses Change

Business is a powerful tool capable of transforming the world.  When we choose to focus on people, planet and profit, we create businesses that can impact our future.  We become advocates for the world we want to live in.

We are Part of Nature

By spending time in the natural world, we can become conscious of our connection to it.  We can learn from nature how to solve many of our current challenges, both individually and collectively.  Enhancing our relationship with nature, enables us to enhance our relationship with ourselves, others and the Earth itself.

Continual Evolution

We have the innate ability, both individually and collectively, to learn from our past experiences in order to create a better future. The more we tap into this innate ability, the more we can grow as individuals and as a species.

Truth is the Basis for Evolution

When we see ourselves and the world as it really is, instead of how we wish it to be, we are able to transcend our weaknesses and access our strengths. We are able to find meaning and purpose to life that inspires us to discover our full potential and act upon it.