Sustainability Strategy

Sustainability is at the heart of what we do. Being a nature-centred organisation means going beyond sustainability into full collaboration with Nature.

Nature in this context is not only the natural world such as wilderness, green spaces, trees, mountains, rivers and oceans. Nature also includes humans, our inner nature and the things humans create from their own inner nature such as our cities and technology. It also includes all other-than-human beings too.

Fundamentally, we work on the premise that everything is Nature.

EarthSelf’s vision is one of connection, collaboration and abundance for all life on Earth.


All aspects of Nature are fully interconnected, recognising the impact that one part of the Earth’s ecosystem has on another.


All aspects of Nature work together, eliminating poverty, hunger, inequality, trauma and war and developing sustainable cities and communities, industries and infrastructure.


A life of health and well-being for all beings on Earth (and for the Earth itself!), with access to clean water, food, housing, education and opportunity.

To help us achieve our vision we have our own variation of the triple bottom line: the three E’s:
• Earnings
Profit is what ensures the continuation of our organisation
• Endowment
We commit to giving a percentage of our earnings to support our vision
• Earth
Our business activities help create connection, collaboration and abundance for all life on Earth.

What we already do as a small firm:

  • We host our website on 300% renewable energy through GreenGeeks.
  • We lead by example: every time we work with a client we give back to the Earth through our lifetime partnership with B1G1.
  • We use online technology as much as possible to minimise the use of paper and travel when working within our team and with our clients.
  • We work from home to eliminate travelling time to the office along with the costs – both financially and environmentally – of maintaining an office.
  • We consider the sustainability credentials of all our service providers.
  • We seek to develop partnerships with local networks promoting sustainability.
  • We look at ways to work with other organisations who have a shared interest in sustainability.
  • We only work with clients whose work helps contribute to/who want to contribute to creating a world of connection, collaboration and abundance for all life on Earth.
  • We actively encourage all team members and clients to offer ideas on how we as an organisation can become more sustainable – and more nature-centred – by regularly seeking feedback.

To continue our sustainable – and nature-centred – development we have created the following strategic plan for 2016-2020.

Use social media to promote our company mission and values and encourage more organisations to become sustainable – and subsequently nature-centred

EarthSelf believes that social media is the most effective way to create, share and communicate ideas with millions of people around the world.
Action Steps:

  • Promote sustainability and nature-centred through our Instagram account
  • Encourage sustainable business practices and share knowledge and best practices through our weekly podcast: Sustainable
  • Develop a comprehensive social media strategy to continue to promote our company mission and values by December 2016

Create 20,000 positive impacts on the Earth through our lifetime partnership with B1G1 each year

B1G1 is a social enterprise and non-profit organisation whose mission is to create a world that’s full of giving.

It does this by encouraging small and medium sized business to achieve more social impact by embedding giving activities into their everyday business operations.

Action Steps:

  • Ensure each person within EarthSelf and its daughter company, The Nature Process Ltd, has their own individual account by December 2016 to leverage giving.
  • Create a communication brief for all our clients on our lifetime partnership with B1G1 and why it’s important by September 2017
  • Consult with B1G1 on how to implement giving into more of our daily activities by September 2017
  • Communicate status of giving impact at monthly team meetings
  • Take part in future B1G1 giving challenges
  • Increase our yearly giving impacts each year by 20%
Achieve certified B corporation status by 2020

B corporations are companies that use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.

They are required to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

To achieve full certification companies are required to assess their policies and practices over the past year against the B Impact Assessment and achieve a minimum verified score of 80 out of 200.

Action Steps:

  • Complete B Impact Assessment in December 2016 and develop action steps to implement over the following year to improve our score.
  • Implement changes and re-assess our B Impact Assessment in October 2017
  • Ensure we meet appropriate B corporation standards and apply for B corporation certification in October 2018
  • Create specific job role within EarthSelf for 2019 to ensure we continue to meet B corporation standards and employ the right person for this role

Establish EarthSelf foundation by 2020

At EarthSelf we believe that in order to create a world of connection, collaboration and abundance for all life on Earth that we must heal the trauma caused by humanity’s perceived separation from Nature.

We believe that the most effective way to do this is to use Nature to heal Nature and seek to establish a foundation that helps heal environmental trauma alongside human trauma which we see as caused by climate change, war, poverty and inequality.

Action Steps:

  • Define vision of EarthSelf Foundation by December 2018
  • Work on getting all necessary legal structures in place for foundation by December 2019
  • Launch foundation 2020
Communicate this sustainability policy and progress towards these goals in an annual sustainability update

This helps us keep our stakeholders up-to-date on our progress and helps us monitor our objectives to ensure we meet them.

Action Steps:

  • Monitor and Review progress in January of each year
  • Publish a sustainability update and communicate this with the relevant stakeholders by April