Data leads to better solutions.
It is an effective way to communicate the reality of what’s happening within your organisation.
We base our nature connected approach on data.
There is a growing body of evidence that highlights how connecting to nature improves the performance of both the people within your organisation and the organisation itself.
And positively impact your triple bottom line.

Our methodology is grounded in a combination of somatic psychology, transpersonal coaching, sensory awareness exercises, mindfulness, metaphors, symbolism, biomimicry and embodied leadership to help individuals experience how nature connection can not only improve their performance – and their personal well-being – but also help contribute to sustainable performance within the organization as a whole – and the world at large.

Performance Check UP

We change the way business is done through people’s innate connection to nature. Using our unique data driven metrics system, we identify the gaps within your employees’ connection to nature and highlight how this impacts your sustainable business performance using evidence-based research in this area.

People underpin every organisation.  They are the producers, the innovators and the changemakers.  They are the key to ensuring the successful growth of your organisation, now – and in the future.

We offer a complimentary performance check UP for qualifying organisations to help you discover the necessary priorities to ensure your organisation’s sustainable business performance.

This check UP is unique to your organisation and provides easy analysis and interpretation.  There is no obligation to commit to anything.

We know that once you see the data for yourself and understand how the simple solution of connecting your employees – and your organisation – to nature will give you sustainable business performance you’ll want more.

What We Offer

Ongoing Insight

We coach you to effectively use our metrics system as an ongoing monitoring tool.  Get relevant and accurate data on how the nature connection of your employees impacts your sustainable business performance. Make better decisions.


We offer specific nature connected solutions based upon the results of your complimentary check up. Integrate the right nature connected approach into your organisation. Improve your sustainable business performance.


Experiential training tailored to your organisation’s needs. Introduce your team to a nature connected way of working. Help them develop the skills to use it for themselves.


Custom created “Train the Trainer” for your organisational needs. One sized approach does not fit all. Enables key members of your team to develop the necessary skills to educate others and facilitate a nature connected approach within your organisation.