What can a sustainable development strategy do for your business/organisation?

The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are essential components of any successful business for 2020 and beyond.

They help us chart our collective progress towards creating a sustainable world.

Creating a sustainable development strategy can help you:

  • Align yourself with something bigger (193 countries have adopted these goals within their national frameworks)
  • Attract better talent and more funding (people want to work for and give money to those who do good)
  • Amplify your ability to do good (see what you’re already doing and how you can create a bigger impact)
  • Adapt to a changing climate (set clear targets and take action)
  • Achieve better business resilience (think about the future)
  • Accelerate our collective transition to a sustainable world (it’s the right thing to do)

SDG Compass

The SDG Compass is an assessment tool designed to support companies to:

  • Align their strategies with the SDGs
  • Measure and manage their contribution

Developed by the GRI, UN Global Compact and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD).

It incorporates feedback received through three consultation periods.

Companies, government agencies, academic institutions and civil society organisations worldwide took part in developing this.

We adapted the SDG compass to use with SME businesses and non-profit organisations.

“With Tabitha’s support, the task was much less daunting than we expected. Thanks to her excellent facilitation, we discovered that we were already doing much more than we thought.”
Paul White, CEO, ELCAP

How We Work Together

During a number of workshops tailored specifically to you we:

  • Introduce the 17 SDGs and identify which ones you’re already working towards
  • Explore which SDGs are a priority for you moving forward
  • Map the SDGs identified against your existing strategy
  • Set simple targets you can easily commit to and measure
  • Create a simple strategy to communicate with others
  • Discover the best way to share your commitment to the SDGs and your future results

These help you reach step 3 of the SDG Compass.

Ongoing coaching and mentoring is available to help you continue to work through steps 4 and 5. This support is tailored to your specific needs.

Get in touch to find out how you can bring the SDGs into your strategy