How do you develop your team to reach optimal levels of well-being and performance while ensuring you create value for your organisation?

This is one of the key questions facing team leaders looking out over the volatile, uncertain and increasingly complex landscape of the 21st Century.

EarthSelf works with purpose-driven leadership teams in start-ups, scale-ups, SME’s, public, non-profits and corporate organisations to create high-performing teams.

Team coaching focuses on both how individuals within a team function together and how the team itself interacts with others.

It is through heightened levels of awareness, insight, connection, resilience and agility that teams improve performance, achieve objectives faster and do things differently.

This is achieved through an ongoing partnership between the coach and team that helps the team respond and adapt effectively to current and future challenges.  It’s a customised journey that addresses the unique challenges facing your team.

Imagine what the future of your team could be if:

  • You are able to adapt how you function to create additional value for your organisation that positively impacts society and planet;
  • Every member within your team is committed to reaching their full potential and finding better ways of working together to realise your organisation’s purpose?

Like many other teams, you’re working on improving performance but you’re not getting the results you want.

Team dynamics are messy and maybe there is even conflict between team members.  Or you’re working well together but you don’t know what you need to do next so that you can create even more value for your organisation.

Maybe there is a lack of clarity around how the team functions, meetings sometimes seem like a waste of time and your ability to make an impact is hampered by an unclear vision and a lack of time for team learning?

You have an idea of what needs to happen.  You’re just not sure how to make it happen.

Transform Your Team in Harmony with Nature

At EarthSelf, we recognise this and it’s why we adapted our NATUREConnected Framework to team coaching.

It gives you a set of principles to apply that enables you to harness the power of natural intelligence and learn to function in alignment with it.

When you learn how to deepen your own relationship with the Earth you start to access greater levels of insight and intuition that changes the way you interact with each other.

This helps you to transform, embedding creative problem-solving and innovation into the heart of how you work.

It also enables you to increase agility and responsiveness to a changing business ecosystem.  Through coaching with nature, we help you tap into 3.8 billion years of wisdom that enables you to make decisions that sustain people, planet and profit.

Grounded in Evidence-based Methodology

Our coaching with nature approach embeds well-being, resilience and sustainability into the development of your team. To put nature at the core of our business operations requires us to put nature at the heart of the people who work there first.  Healthy people create healthy organisations that contribute to a healthy planet.

Partnering with You to Create Sustainable High-Value

Our NATUREConnected Framework for Team Coaching is a multi-systemic approach developed from a thematic analysis of a number of emerging movements within sustainable development.

It helps you understand what it will take for you and your team to function as part of nature.

The NATUREConnected Framework also integrates with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  This allows you to integrate them fully into your business as you develop together as a team.


  • What is the current state of the team and how do you communicate your value internally and externally?
  • How are you measuring and monitoring the impact of your work towards people, planet and profit?


  • What are the priorities for your team and how do they relate to the organisation’s purpose and the ecosystem in which it operates?
  • How do you understand how your work contributes to your organisational SDGs and to what extent do they drive decision making?


  • How clearly has your team identified and expressed its purpose, values and impact and how this relates to the overall purpose, values and impact of the organisations?
  • How do your organisational SDGs influence the decisions your team makes?


  • How does everyone on the team learn and interact with nature to improve their personal wellbeing and enhance decision-making within the team?
  • How does your relationship with nature impact the way you utilise the resources your team needs to function optimally?


  • What key feedback and feedforward loops that create a culture of transformation within your team?
  • How does the purpose of the organisation drive the team culture?

Three-cycle Approach

We start by understanding the unique challenges your team are facing and discovering what’s needed to help your team become a NATUREConnected high-value team.

From here, we work with you and your team to co-create a team coaching journey together that gets you from where you are now to where you need to be in the future.

As you start to implement change, we coach you to sense, respond and adapt to changes in a way that increases trust and safety within all team members.

Throughout the team coaching journey, we measure the effectiveness of our approach and ensure sustainable transformation is embedded into your team after our work together is completed.

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