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Tabi Jayne, MSc, MBPsS, FRSA

Tabi Jayne is an applied psychologist and consultant. Her background is in the study of the human/nature relationship and how it can contribute to a more sustainable world.

Over the last seven years, Tabi developed a number of unique nature centred models, frameworks and training programs.

She delivers speeches, workshops and seminars on the human/nature connection in the UK and US.  Tabi has coached thousands of people to improve their communication skills.

Tabi is the host of Sustainable: The Podcast, listened to in over 35 countries around the world.  She is also the creator of The Nature Process, a simple way to deepen your connection to nature, which is used by hundreds of people globally.

In her twenties, Tabi founded and directed an award-nominated Scottish non-profit organisation.

She is also a member of the British Psychological Society, a Future Leader with Entrepreneurial Scotland, a RSA Fellow and a certified professional coach.

Tabi loves trees, tea, Tupac, tattoos, training and the transpersonal.

Lyn Man, BA, ACMA, CPC

Lyn Man is a certified management accountant and consultant.  She is passionate about changing the way businesses work so that they can successfully engage their employees and inspire them to help create a more sustainable world.

Lyn has 18 years’ experience in managing local and international finance teams within multinational, SME and non-profit organisations.

During that time, she worked closely with the executive and management teams.  Working to ensure a fully integrated approach to finance within the organisation.

Lyn’s strengths include developing strategic and business plans, change management, building relationships and business performance measures.

She is also a member of the Certified Institute of Management Accountants.  Lyn is a certified professional coach who has spent the last six years working in a nature centred way.

Lyn loves the mountains, photography, running, her family and their Finnish Lapphund.

We also work with a range of associates to ensure a fully comprehensive and tailored service.