Meet the Team

Tabi Jayne, BSc, MSc, MBPsS, CPC, FRSA

Area of expertise: nature connected executive coaching, consulting, training and program development.

Tabi has nearly a decade’s experience in delivering nature connected solutions in a variety of public, private and third sector settings. She also has MSc in Applied Ecopsychology and a MSc in Professional Development: Consciousness, Spirituality & Transpersonal Psychology.

Tabi is the creator of our Nature Connected Coaching Methodology, The Nature Process® and the Tree of Transformation®.

Geeks out over nature and likes tea, trees, Tupac, tattoos and strength training.

Lyn Man, BA, ACMA, CPC

Area of expertise: nature connected executive coaching and consulting

Lyn has 18 years’ experience in managing local and international finance teams within multinational, SME and non-profit organisations with a focus on change management and relationship building.

Loves the mountains and taking likes taking pictures of nature, running, her family and their annoying, but loveable, Finnish Lapphund, Tally.

Leah Hague, BPsychSc(Hons I) Assoc MAPS

Area of expertise: evidence-based nature connected program development and evaluation.

Working towards PhD in Organisational Psychology with a focus on the impact of nature contact on well-being in the workplace.

Passionate about nature and likes travelling, her fiancé and their cute cats. Planning a zombie wedding.

We are able to expand our team to include facilitators and coaches trained in our nature connected methodology when needed to take on bigger contracts and still be awesome. We also have access to an amazing network. If we’re not right for you, then the odds are we’ll know someone who is.