Case Studies

tree sisters

“Ms. Jayne lives what she promotes and her ‘planet first’ business model inspired us to evaluate more deeply how – even as an ecologically focused non-profit charity – we could put the planet first within our emerging business strategy.

In 2014 and 2015, Tabitha donated 100% of the profits from her on-line course, The Nature Process, to TreeSisters.

Her on-line course was so successful that we realised we could shift from being a non-profit charity asking for donations to offering on-line courses that fund our organisation and reforestation efforts.

Our business model has shifted from asking to earning.

Tabitha’s ‘planet first’ business model also inspired us to reassess the business motivations behind the instructors we hire.

Through Tabitha’s example we realised we wanted to partner with instructors who view their TreeSisters courses as a means of actively helping to reforest the Tropics rather than simply being another marketing venue for their teaching career.

Along these lines we created a new fees for services model in which all of our instructors agree that 20% of the gross profit of our courses goes directly to reforestation before any other distribution occurs.

We also began creating mini-courses and mini-tree campaigns that would enable us to direct 100% of that income directly to reforestation.

Re-imaging these key business areas enabled us to increase our reforestation funding by 300% in one year.”

Edveeje Fairchild
Director of Operations, TreeSisters

RubyRuby felt as if she had no control over her career. She didn’t know where it was going or how to get it to where she wanted to be. As a result, she had lost faith in herself and felt as if she was doing something wrong.

Working with Ruby we helped her take back full control of her career and support her to break into one of the toughest industries in the world: acting.

While undertaking a 12-month executive coaching program with EarthSelf’s unique growth model, Ruby went to Los Angeles, met with some casting directors and received wonderful feedback.

As a result, Ruby and her family moved to Los Angeles. Within two months Ruby had managed to get both work and her union card. By the end of our work together, Ruby had created a huge momentum in her career that would soon lead to a few major wins.

In the midst of moving, Ruby’s youngest daughter was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy. Through Ruby’s work with the Tree of Transformation not only was she able to see this positively and re-frame her thoughts and feelings to a place of love, not fear but she is now an active campaigner to raise awareness of the disease.

Today, she is the lead actress and producer in a new independent series launching in October 2016, Hawaiian Sovereignty. Also, Bridesman, a film she has a big role in, has been accepted into the prestigious Hollyshorts Film Festival and will be showing at the historic Chinese Theater in Hollywood and is also being produced into a feature film starting September 2016!

dot and bettyBetty wanted to focus on creating the business she wanted and build the necessary infrastructure so that she could launch her business with confidence. She was also in the process of ending her marriage.

Working with Betty we helped her to identify the resources that were available and work through the doubts she had around her idea: creating a 501-C3 non-profit that supports rescued horses which Betty rehabilitates to use in her community and corporate Equine Assisted Learning programs.

Using EarthSelf’s unique nature-centred business development approach, we created a twelve-month strategic development and natural leadership program that supported Betty to first take care of her own needs, successfully navigate her divorce and create a strong business model that focuses on all aspects of the business and its potential for growth.

As a result, Betty achieved 501(c)3 status for the charity, Healing Hooves, Healing Humans Horse Sanctuary, which allowed her to access more resources. She also started work supporting mentally ill and chemically dependent people so she could learn more about her craft and make the necessary connections to help her continue to grow her charity.

Today, Betty continues to grow the non-profit through fundraising and collaborations with other organisations in her local community, having most recently set up a community service program at the sanctuary.

Photo0194Polly wanted to move away from working in traditional therapy settings and offer new services combining her training in Eco-therapy and Equine facilitated psychotherapy. However, it seemed too overwhelming and she didn’t know where to start.

Working with Polly we helped her become clear about the client group that she wanted to work with. We also helped Polly identify her values and ensured that they were present in all programs and services she developed to avoid stress and burnout.

With EarthSelf’s unique nature-centred approach we created a five-month strategic development and confidence building program using the modalities that Polly was most comfortable in which enabled her to develop the courage to integrate all aspects of her values into her programs and services and help Polly find her authentic voice.

As a result, Polly stopped feeling anxious about expanding her work and started feeling excited. She held workshops and talks in her local community, grew her network, found a new location to run her programs and services from that also provided stables for her horses, developed an online presence about her work and started further training in an art modality to help her continue to expand her programs and services.

Polly is now able to use her creativity to offer her clients a deeply transformative experience through the innovative practices she’s developed that takes Polly’s work beyond the realm of traditional services.